Gunmetal Gray Keepsake Urn


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  • SKU: GM103
  • Stock available: 10+
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 2" Wide x 2" Deep x 3" High
  • Size: Keepsake (3 cubic inches)
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This Gunmetal Gray Keepsake Urn lets you share or keep your loved one close in a simple and attractive vessel.   These keepsake urns are popular as it ensures that even if the primary urn or memorial is far away there is a meaningful and beautiful memorial close at hand for family or very close friends that would find the proximity comforting.

Compare it to a full size cremation urn in the first product photo - this is a mini urn meant to hold a small amount of ashes for sharing.

An included velour bag keeps it safe during transport.  The threaded lid is easy to open and reseal after filling.

The keepsake cremation urn matches our full size Gunmetal Gray Urn in color and finish and makes it easy and inexpensive to ensure everyone in your family can keep their loved one close.

Questions & Answers

Question: If I buy this do I still need the urn from the funeral home?
Answer: I should think so. These urns are quite tiny and are only meant to store enough remains to share. Perhaps if you spread most of the ashes this would be enough to keep just a bit. By Karyn W.
Answer: You need a big urn to go with this. By Ronald S.

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Yvonne K.
Verified purchase

perfect for my family

I ordered six of these for all of my brothers and sisters, letting my mom keep the big one in her home. They took one day to ship and look just like the preview. Funeral home was really impressed and took care of filling and sealing them. I would recommend Green Meadow Memorials to anyone who needs sharing urns.

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Reply from Green Meadow LLC:
Yvonne -<br /> <br /> Thank you for choosing Green Meadow Memorials for your keepsake urns. It was our honor to create them for you and your family.
Tracey H.
Verified purchase

Very cute and tiny!

Very cute, but tiny! I can't believe they fit all the engraving on there but they did! Dimensions shown on page are accurate it's about as tall as a baseball. Arrived just 2 days after order placed.

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Reply from Green Meadow LLC:
Tracey -<br /> <br /> Thank you for the kind words. We've worked hard to ensure we can offer the most engraving on every memorial we offer.
Rachel N.
Verified purchase

tiny but great

Wasn't expecting how tiny it was (even knowing it is a mini). It really is small but having multiple family members to share remains with, it's the perfect thing to keep a bit of my parents with me and also let other family have some as well. It holds roughly 3 tablespoons of remains and fits in the palm of your hand. Mine is on the mantle with a candle and a photograph.

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Reply from Green Meadow LLC:
Rachel -<br /> <br /> That sounds like a beautiful way to display your memorial and you are correct, that is just what these keepsake urns are meant for. We are honored to have created this set of memorials with you.
Thomas L.
Verified purchase

Six urns

Got six keepsakes engraved for all of the members of the family. Urns are small as described but the engraving on fronts and back turned out really well. It almost looks printed on but the engraving goes through the paint not sure how they do that but everyone was very happy.

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Reply from Green Meadow LLC:
Thomas -<br /> <br /> We are honored that these keepsake memorials worked out so well for your family. We take pride in our ability to engrave our keepsake urns with such high detail. Thank you for your feedback.
Mark C.
Verified purchase

$20 Keepsake

A great value for $20 engraved. Shopping around we couldn't find anything near that price. They turned out great and we were able to get all the girls one.

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