Pet Urns for our
beloved companions

Remembering a pet with beautiful cremation urn is a special way to keep the memory of precious companion close. It also provides dignity for the remains befitting for a special pet that provide so much love and comfort. Green Meadow Memorials is proud to offer a variety of high-quality options that are both attractive and providing an excellent value.

Pet Urns

Pet Urns for Dogs

Choosing an urn for a dog requires a small amount of consideration because the size of the remains can vary so widely. We offer the following sizing guidelines using their weight prior to cremation:

  • Small – Below 35 Pounds
  • Medium – 35 to 70 Pounds
  • Large – 70 to 110 pounds
  • Extra Large – More than 110 Pounds

It is popular to add your pets' collar, favorite toys or other mementos into the urn so that these can be with them forever. If you are going to do so, we always recommend going up one size urn to ensure there is plenty of space in the urn. Going up a size also can make it easier to transfer the ashes, with some of the largest urns able to accommodate the entire temporary urn without any additional effort.

The metal urns offer outstanding engraving options along with a contemporary look. We suggest purchasing an urn bag with these urns to provide the painted finish protection during transport or storage. Wood urns offer attractive finishes like Oak and Walnut while also having the largest opening, making them ideal if you want to include the entire temporary urn or additional items in the urn.

Pet Urns for Cats

Your feline companion would probably be picky about which urn to pick, we expect that you will also be discerning. We offer the following sizing guideline to consider when choosing your cat cremation urn:

  • Small – All Cats

Small sized pet urns should allow a little extra room like a collar or favorite toy. If you desire the flexibility to add many items including the full temporary urn, we encourage to choose one of our extra-large wood pet urns that feature the largest opening and internal space of all our memorials.