Selecting the Right Size Urn

Selecting the Right Size Urn

If you search enough on the Internet, you might grow concerned that it is hard to find the "right sized" urn.

At Green Meadow Memorials we've used our industry experience to make this easy for you.

  • Individual Urns give a loved one of any age and size a dignified resting place
  • Keepsake Urns hold a small portion of a loved one's ashes and are meant for sharing or keeping near you

Nearly everyone can follow these guidelines and be confident they have selected the appropriate memorial.

Keeping it simple allows for worry free shopping and allows for a consistent canvas for your special engraving and personalization.

Sizing by the Numbers

Green Meadow Memorials offers more detailed sizing information if you desire it as well.

The Cremation Association of North America established standardized sizing in with a study in 1985 that indicated that the vast majority of the deceased reliably fit into containers of 200 cubic inches.  The entire industry standardized around this finding, which is why the vast majority of our metal individual urns are right around 200 cubic inches in size.  This information is presented along with the sizing categories in the bullet point specifications found on each urn listing.

If your loved one was exceptionally sized being remarkably tall or large of frame (weight is not as important of a consideration) we suggest choosing any of our wooden cremation urns as they are significantly larger than our metal cremation urns at around 240 cubic inches and feature much larger openings to place the remains into.  This suggestion is for peace of mind and ease of transferring the ashes into the new urn. 

At Green Meadow Memorials you can shop with confidence that our urns will fit your needs.

Nat Juchems
About Nat Juchems

Nat Juchems is a Co-Founder at Green Meadow Memorials and helps those grieving the loss of a loved one find the right memorial to cherish. Over the past seven years, Nat has worked in the online memorial industry and has helped thousands of families find and purchase the right cremation urn for their needs and budgets.

Outside of work, you can find Nat with his family enjoying being active outdoors, playing games indoors or training for Triathlons. Read more details on Nat's years of experience on LinkedIn.