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Wood Cremation Urns

Wood is a warm, renewable and classic choice for cremation urns.  Green Meadow Memorials is proud to source 100% of our wooden cremation urns from USA craftsmen and one product line created by an Air Force Veteran owned and operated partner.  All of our wood cremation urns are custom designed and finished to a high standard.  Choosing a Green Meadow Memorials wood cremation urn means choosing quality, uniqueness and to support your fellow Americans.

Wood Cremation Urns

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Why choose a Wood Cremation Urn? 

Wood urns are popular for many reasons, but here are some key advantages: 

Engraving Options  

  • Engraving wood allows for a wide variety of designs and personalization to make each urn special 
  • At Green Meadow Memorials, each memorial can use one of six fonts, feature extensive engraving text and feature one of eight small artwork options or a large themed artwork or even a full color image.  Many of the urns even offer custom engraving options on the back as well to enable more of the urn to be used as a canvas. 


  • Using real wood ensures that each urn is a little different from the others.  The grain, appearance and color of each urn will have slightly variations. 

Color and Materials Variety  

  • Commonly, wood urns are offered in beautiful Oak & Walnut materials and with a further variety stain colors.  Other hardwoods and exotic materials are also available. 
  • We offer Oak, Walnut and Alder for solid hardwood options and both Oak and Walnut MDF (engineered wood) options.

Country of Manufacture  

  • If you are looking for an urn that is made in the United States, your best choice is a wood urn.   
  • By only offering wood cremation urns made in the United States, we were able to extensively design the memorials to be as beautiful and functional as possible.  Further, we were able to carefully choose our partners and only create memorials that we would want for ourselves and our family members.  The personal quality standards of the domestic craftsmen who created these memorials from raw lumber are incredibly high and appropriate for generational heirlooms. 

Ease of Use 

  • Wooden urns most often have a very large opening that can be used to easily transfer the entire container of ashes with a minimum of fuss compared to the designs other materials typically use. 

Full Color Images 

  • Several wood urn designs support full color images, which means that a variety of themes like Motorcycles, The Cross, Lighthouses and others can be shown in beautiful, high resolutions images that cannot be replicated with other materials. 
  • The Prestige Line of Wood Urns allows for amazing artwork to be paired with your personalization to create a truly unique and truly beautiful memorial. 


  • Due to their design and construction, wood urns tend to have a very high amount of internal space compared to their footprint.  Put simply, there is a lot of room on the inside of the urn despite it not seemingly large.  Most wooden urns are large enough to accommodate any person and some small mementos.