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Keepsake Urns

Keepsake cremation urns are special way to keep a loved one close after their passing in addition to a primary full size cremation urn.  Keepsake urns are small urns used to share the memorials among family members or close friends.  Considered by many to be small urns or mini urns, they are powerful memorials in small sizes that make them easy to display and easy to transport.  Each keepsake urn holds a small amount of ash but are full featured in customization and the memories they carry.  It is common for each surviving family member to receive a keepsake urn.

Keepsake Urns

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What are Keepsake Urns? 

Keepsake Urns are small cremation urns meant for giving family members a memorial of their own with each of them holding a small amount of ashes. 

When should I buy a Keepsake Urn? 

Having a personal memorial can be very helpful for the grieving process.  Additionally, when a cremation urn is purchased but is not going to be buried, that can mean that access to the memorial is restricted to one home or place.  If having a personal memorial can provide comfort and costs much less than an individual urn, buying one or more keepsake urns becomes a simple, positive decision. 

How big is a Keepsake Urn, really? 

There are many other terms that are used for Keepsake Urns, such as mini urns, small urns, sharing urns and urn keepsake.  All of these describe the same size of urn.  A classic Keepsake Urn is about 3” tall and about 2” wide.  This makes it about the same size as a pill bottle, and it can fit a similar amount of contents.  Critically, it can fit a small but meaningful amount of cremation ashes to serve as a true cremation urn. 

Can Keepsake Urns be engraved? 

Yes, they are engravable and the results are both beautiful and meaningful.  Green Meadow Memorials is special because we offer nearly as much engraving on our keepsake urns as we do our much larger individual sized urns.  Ryan (our master engraver) worked tirelessly and ruined many keepsakes to figure out just how much engraving could be added, and which techniques made it look the best.  No one else can match amount of engraving offered on each keepsake, let alone add artwork like we can. 

How do I transfer ashes to a Keepsake Urn? 

If you are providing the Keepsake Urns to the funeral home, it is common to have them also take care of transferring your loved one’s ashes.  If you are filling your keepsake urn, a small amount of preparation makes the process straight forward.  Place a piece of paper under the keepsake urn in case and go slowly to avoid dust from rising from the ashes.  Carefully open the current container for the ashes and spoon in small amount of ashes, taking care not to over fill the Keepsake Urn.  Then seal up the larger container and put the lid on the keepsake.  Our Keepsake Urns feature high quality, threaded lids so sealing it tightly is just a matter of taking care to carefully screw the lid back on firmly. 

Can I put anything else in a Keepsake Urn? 

Some people choose to simply not fill their keepsake urns with anything, the urn itself serving as a meaningful memorial.  Others place flower petals from a service in the Keepsake, and still others add other small mementos like a piece of jewelry to the keepsake to make it that much more special.  A Keepsake Urn is simply a special way to remember a loved one, you are free to use them in a way that makes the most sense for your situation and brings you the most comfort.