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Cross Urns

May the eternal memory of your loved one live on and their faith be memorialized through the engraved artwork of the Cross.  Available in a variety of forms, including the Celtic Cross, there are many options to choose from.

Our step by step engraving process on these Cross urns allows you to add names, dates, prayers, and dedications to either side of any urn so you may give your loved one a resting place that is truly one of a kind and the memory of their faith and devotion can live on forever.

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Memorialize Your Loved One with a Comforting Cross Urn

For thousands of years, crosses have served as powerful religious symbols of sacrifice and forgiveness, with the ultimate promise of eternal life in heaven.  Down through the ages, both the religious and non-religious have found comfort by using them to commemorate the death of a loved one, particularly loved ones who followed the Christian tradition.  For centuries, the cross has been used as an enduring Christian symbol and has been placed on memorials of all types.  

Intersecting Lines

In art, a cross is created by two lines intersecting at right angles. Though simple, this pattern is significant, and it is a basic part of our world. Roadways intersect; pathways cross one another; a tree plants itself in the ground and stretches out its branches to the sides. The patterns are everywhere if you know how to look. These cross patterns of intersecting lines speak to the interconnectedness of all things, and they're a constant reminder that part of what gives our lives meaning is that we are connected to one another.

When you lose a friend or a loved one, an important connection is severed. We grieve, we mourn, and we suffer loss. One of the best ways to honor the memory of your lives having intersected is with a comforting cross urn.

Historic Significance

If you ever walked through historic cemeteries, ones that have been around for centuries, you will notice something interesting about the types of art and symbolism that were popular during different moments in time. During some eras, mourners found comfort in oak and cypress tree symbolism, both of which represent deep mourning. Other generations leaned more toward wreaths. Others found it appropriate to stare reality in the face by adorning graves with marble skulls and crossbones. Throughout all generations, however, you will see Christian cross symbolism.  

[The crucifix] symbolizes the mode of the death of Jesus Christ, and faith and resurrection; and it is considered the perfect symbol of Christ's sacrifice in the Christian religion. It is the greatest Christian Sacred Symbol. Common variations include the Latin cross, the Greek cross, the Celtic cross, the Maltese cross, and the Russian or Eastern cross. Crosses can be found on tombs, as cross shaped ledger stones, freestanding gravemarkers, in ironworks, and as relief ornamentation. (TnGenWeb)


At its most basic significance, the Christian cross represents redemption. Christians believe that Jesus Christ's crucifixion held redeeming benefits, not for himself but for others. Jesus' death on the cross, it is taught in the Bible, paid for the sins of others, allowing him to offer forgiveness and redemption to others who have sinned. Because of this belief, Christians find the cross to symbolize forgiveness, and they view the cross as a powerful sign of redemption. 

Victory Through Death

In the Christian tradition, the death of Jesus Christ is seen not as a tragedy but as an ultimate victory. Because Christian theology teaches that Jesus not only died but also rose from the dead, they view his death not as an ending but as the next step in the process toward eternal life in heaven with God the Father. That is why so many of those grieving the loss of a loved one find comfort in a comforting cross urn. It allows them to remember the hope of heaven. 

Grief and Remembrance

When a loved one dies, we want to honor them, both for who they are and for the promise of what their life could have been. Here at Green Meadow Memorials, we provide a way to do just that. Our comforting cross urns provide a way for you to honor your loved one as part of a timeless and enduring tradition.