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Pets are our beloved companions.  Whether dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, bunnies, or even snakes, our pets quickly become integral parts of our families; and when they inevitably pass on, we must take time to reflect on just how much love and affection they have afforded us during their tenure in our lives. 

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Pet ownership wasn't all sunbeams and laughter, of course. There were a few curses, vet visits, inexplicable messes, midnight clean-ups, and chewed shoes along the way. But after a lifetime spent together, we often suffer an acute sense of loss when our pets pass away. A beautiful and meaningful memorial for their remains can serve to pay tribute to their lives and ease the transition into what comes after they leave.

Love and Affection

Both individuals and families who own pets will attest to the extra layers of love and affection that their furry friends bring to their lives. Having our dogs greet us with jumps, tail wags, and the "happy dance" when we get home from a long day at work can help the stress simply melt away. Feeling the cat rub against our legs while we're washing the dishes can bring a burst of warmth to an otherwise dull chore. 

After lavishing so much love and affection on us during their time with us, our pets deserve the best send-off we can give them. In many cases, that means investing in a comforting pet urn.

Healthy Hearts

Pets aren't just good for our emotions. They're also literally good for our physical hearts. 

An analysis last year of nearly 4 million people in the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom found dog ownership was associated with a 24% reduction in dying from any cause. If the person had already suffered a heart attack or stroke, having a dog was even more beneficial; they were 31% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. (CNN)

Dog owners in particular know how good our pets can be at getting us up, keeping us moving, and helping promote healthy hearts. To help take care of our emotional hearts in the wake of a loss, we can always consider memorializing our beloved companions in a comforting pet urn.

Extra Boosts

It's been reported that having a pet at an early age can help boost children's confidence and empathy levels. It could be because pets are naturally good listeners and close companions. Either way, children who grow up with pets during their formative years receive a natural boost in social, emotional, and relational skills.

After all our pets have done for us and our families, we can show that we'll never forget them by memorializing them in a comforting pet urn. 

Safety and Security

Many of our pets offer us increased levels of safety and security. Whether it's the guard dog who barks at unusual sounds or the cunning cat who frees our home of unwanted pests, our pets often have our backs just by doing what comes naturally to them.

To show our appreciation for their years of companionship and service in these areas, we can choose to honor their passing with a comforting pet urn.

Grief and Remembrance

There will always be those who say the loss of a pet isn't a big deal. That it's not like losing a friend, family member, or loved one. That we should simply "get over it."

We submit that such people simply do not understand. Pets often are part of the family, and one way to show that we will remember them as such is by memorializing everything that they meant to us with a comforting pet urn.