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Dog Breed

Dog Cremation Urns

Find the perfect resting spot for your furry companion here. Choose from a number of heart warming engraved artwork options to pair with your custom text to create a unique, lasting memorial.

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It's hard to express exactly what dogs mean to us. Even dog lovers have trouble putting it into words. All they know is that life wouldn't be the same without the presence of dogs. If you have recently lost a beloved dog, creating a custom memorial for such a great friend is a fitting way of paying tribute to how much they added to your life.

Man's Best Friend

Dogs have often been called Man's Best Friend, and anyone who has ever loved a dog can tell you why.

Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals. If you look at wolves in the wild, they're extremely loyal to their pack and will protect and support them no matter the cost... Studies have also shown that dogs can feel emotions and experience emotional contagion. The fact that they grow to adore their owners only further contributes to their devotion and loyalty. (Purely Pets)

As our best friends, our dogs pay keen attention to where we are at all times. They follow us around all day and wish to sleep beside us at night. They sense our moods and act as our constant companions through thick and thin. We will miss them dearly when they are gone.

Though it's always deeply painful to lose a dog, a lovable dog urn helps us commemorate what their friendship has meant to us over the years. 

Healthy Choices

According to the CDC, owning dogs can make us healthier people, both physically and emotionally.

That's because dogs have been shown to:

  • Increase our opportunities for exercise
  • Encourage us to spend more time outside in the fresh air and sunshine
  • Elevate chances for social interactions (because everyone loves to stop and pet a dog!)
  • Decrease our feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Lower our overall stress levels

Our dogs, however, aren't consciously aware of all these extra benefits. All our dogs know is that they love spending time with us, taking walks, and just doing what comes naturally. Though they would never ask for recognition, a great way to honor all the ways they've made our lives better over the years is with a lovable dog urn. 

Always on the Job

Even the most easygoing dogs take their jobs seriously.  Naturally protective of those who love them in return, having a loyal dog is always reassuring.  Above and beyond that, many dogs have even more specific jobs to do.

They are always on the job.

  • Hunting dogs
  • Guard dogs
  • Show dogs
  • Service dogs
  • Pets
  • Best friends

No matter the title they answer to, dogs are always "on duty." 

To show respect for their lifelong commitment, consider memorializing them with a lovable dog urn.

Becoming One

There's an old joke circulating that over time, dogs and their owners start to look alike. While there's certainly a level of coincidence involved, there seems to be enough anecdotal evidence floating around that supports this theory. And this isn't just about appearance, either. Over time, the personalities of owners and dogs do tend to reflect one another.

Really, this isn't much of a surprise. In any long-term relationship, whether human or animal-related, the parties involved always wind up affecting one another.

A great way to honor the close nature of your relationship with your dearly departed dog is to commemorate it with a lovable dog urn. 

Grief and Remembrance

Losing a dog is an extremely painful experience. In many cases, it can be as painful as losing a family member, loved one, or friend. That's because our dog is all three of those things rolled into one. They were our closest companions in life, and we wish to honor them in death.

Here at Green Meadow, we understand. That's why we provide lovable dog urns to serve as final resting places for our beloved pets.