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Pet Artwork

Pet Artwork

Cat Cremation Urns

Find the purrfect memorial for your sometimes crazy, always loveable companion here.

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Cuddles and claws. Wisdom and whimsy. Cuteness and craziness. If there's one thing we know about cats, it's that even the best of them are completely unpredictable. Undeniably adorable as kittens, even the softest grow into pesky but lovable adults who have no trouble setting their own boundaries and deciding what they want, when they want it. Though our relationships with our cats are sometimes fraught, we can't help but love them; and when we lose a cat, it can feel like losing part of ourselves.

A beautiful memorial can help us remember all the different stages we experienced with our cats over the years.

Who's the Boss?

Cats truly blur the line between who is in charge of the relationship. Though humans clearly have an advantage over cats due to size, cognition, and those helpful opposable thumbs, cats nevertheless absolutely refuse to be managed. 

Cats come and go as they please, submit to being petted at their own choosing, and spend a great amount of time each day seemingly indifferent to us. Though we cohabit with cats, it seems that they believe we exist to serve them. And, honestly, most of us don't mind.

When your cat passes, a good way to commemorate the dynamics of your relationship is with a beautiful cat urn.

On Their Own Schedule

Cats rarely come when called, don't seem to respect the family schedule, and can be remarkably obstinate about cooperating when cooperation is clearly needed.

Though cats only technically need fifteen hours of sleep, they often sleep upwards of 20+ hours per day anyway. Just because.

Though domesticated, our kitties still display many behaviors found in wild cats such as lions and tigers. Since hunting prey takes lots of energy, cats sleep as much as possible so they will have the energy needed to pounce on their prey, even if it is only a catnip toy or rubber ball. (Modkat)

Though we often found ourselves rolling our eyes at our cats' behavior when they were with us, now that they're gone, we can't think about it without feeling an ache in our hearts. Commemorating their quirky habits with a beautiful cat urn can go a long way toward cherishing these memories. 

Making Themselves Known

Though cats are often sleeping or hiding out somewhere to spend time alone, we always know when our cats are ready to make themselves known. They drop down on us unexpectedly, rub against our legs, drape themselves over our keyboards, take over our laps, purr, scratch, and even yowl to demand our attention. 

Though these sneak attacks could sometimes be startling, they were also endearing. When our cats want us, they know exactly how to get the attention they crave. Naughty or nice, they always seem to know what they are doing.


Cats always seem to have secrets. From their mysterious, mile-long stares to their special hiding places for cherished items, cats never seem to mind keeping part of themselves and their habits all to themselves. Perhaps this is why poet T.S. Eliot imagined that cats might even have their own secret names.

Even though cats are secretive, it's no secret that we love them. One way to show that love is with a beautiful cat urn. 

Grief and Remembrance

Lovable and complicated, our cats truly do work their way into our hearts. Losing them can be extremely painful. Though not everyone in our lives will understand the depths of our grief, we know what our cats meant to us.

In a way, only time can heal this wound. But one step that can help is to create a memorial by choosing a beautiful cat urn as their final resting place. Though nothing can replace a beloved cat in our hearts, this memorial can go a long way toward speeding healing.