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Military Urns

Memorialize Your Loved One with a Patriotic Military Urn

The U.S. military is a diverse and powerful force that attracts some of the country's top talent, investing in their lives and futures while allowing the rest of us to enjoy the safety and protection their service affords. Military service is a defining experience for many Americans, and when the time comes to lay a lost family member, friend, or loved one to rest, a patriotic military urn could be a good way to honor their military service. 

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Honor and Glory

The women and men that make up our armed forces may have joined the military for a variety of reasons. While some were no doubt looking for purpose and stability, others may have been hoping to serve their fellow human beings and see the world. 

For many in the military, there's great satisfaction and pride in knowing they've contributed to a cause greater than themselves.

There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well. (Walter Reuther)

To dignify that honor and glory even in death, you may choose a patriotic memorial urn. 

Branches of Service

Though some branches seem to get more air time than others, there are actually six branches of U.S. military service:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Space Force
  • Coast Guard

No matter which branch your loved one called home, their time of service was no doubt special and formative in their lives. 

Whether they only served for a few years or turned the military into a career, recognizing their service with a patriotic military urn could be a great way to remember this time of their lives.  

A Lifetime Commitment

As servicewomen and servicemen have attested, though they eventually leave the military, there are ways in which their service never really ends.

Their habits and conduct have been forever shaped by their time in the military. The passion and drive fostered by their time of service never really goes away. Their bonds with squad mates and other military connections will last a lifetime, and they will always feel an instant affinity for all other veterans.

Though your loved one's time of service may have been limited, their commitment to the cause and to the country never stopped.

A wonderful way to represent that ongoing commitment is with a patriotic military urn. 

Worthy of Respect

Everyone who has ever served our country, no matter their length of service or manner of discharge, is worthy of our ongoing gratitude and respect. 

Respecting our armed forces is vital. With approximately 18 million people who have served in our military (accounting for 7% of the national population!), failing to honor them for their service would be a huge oversight. 

Ways to show respect for our military personnel could include:

  • Learning about them
  • Honoring Veterans' Day
  • Offering military discounts at your business
  • Supporting legislation that benefits veterans
  • Donating to veteran's programs
  • Hiring veterans
  • Paying respect to the fallen

Paying your respects to the fallen could include visiting their graves, remembering them on their day of death, and reaching out to their families.

If you're making funeral arrangements for a fallen military member, you can always consider a patriotic memorial urn to memorialize them well.

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Saying goodbye to loved ones will always be a challenge. And yet, choosing to honor and memorialize them in a way that recognizes their contributions to society can help us focus our grief in a healthy way. To that end, we offer patriotic military urns to help our military families honor their loved ones well.