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Humor Urns

What is it about laughter that brings people together? It's the sense of connection we experience when a joke is shared and everyone "gets" it, the appreciation we feel when our spirits are lifted by a humorous comment, the joy we find when we spend time with someone who is relentlessly funny. Laughter will always be needed in the world, and we will always need those special people who can make us laugh.

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Humor Helps the World Cope

It appears that humor is instinctive, and has existed since the beginning of mankind. We have developed it over the centuries, but it has remained fundamentally the same; a way to enjoy life and entertain the brain through clever and witty responses to circumstances.

It goes without saying that there is a lot of pain in the world. Life itself begins with pain at birth; and for some folks, there is a lot more as life continues on, whether it is sickness, loss of friends or family, or various disappointments. One thing that seems to be a natural response to survive hard times is a sense of humor and the ability to laugh through it all.

A Scientifically-Supported Stress Relief

Did you know that laughter does great things for your body and mind? According to Mayo Clinic, the ability to laugh can not only lift your mood, but it can also stimulate your organs and brain by increasing your oxygen intake. It relaxes your muscles, and minimizes the feeling of tension in your body. Surprisingly, laughter can also help your immune system by releasing neuropeptide chemicals in your body that fight stress and other illnesses!

So, what's your favorite way to start chuckling? Slapstick, satire, sarcasm, parodies, or deadpan comedy? There are about as many styles of humor as there are people in the world. Everyone is unique, and their sense of humor is too. What makes one person roll on the floor laughing might make the next person roll their eyes.

We all process and relate to things differently, depending on our experiences and expectations in life. So find your niche and get giggling; your health will benefit from it!

Laughter Can Hide a Hard Life

Looking at the lives of famous comedians can show you that a person's life is far deeper than what you see on the surface. Because laughter helps us cope with hard times, many of these funny people developed their humorous personalities through real-life pain and loss. It's a reminder to look past the smiles and truly appreciate what a person has gone through, from their childhood and into their later years.

Sharing Joy

Whether or not our favorite funny friends had a tough start, or simply find humor in every situation because life has been a lighthearted journey, we love them because they choose to use their words and time to bring happiness to others. Laughing together creates solidarity, and that requires a jokester to make it happen.

Some people try to be funny, and then there are those who just are. They show us how to laugh, and from then on, we can't help doing it!

Remembering to Laugh

When we lose a loved one, feelings of grief wash over us, and sometimes it can feel unbearable. We need reminders that if they were still here, they'd want to hear us laughing, finding humor wherever it could be found, and remembering that, though life is hard, there is always a reason to smile.

If your lost loved one was always sharing laughter and clever jokes, a custom engraved humor-themed cremation urn would be the perfect way to remember their legacy. They would want to see you smiling as you think of them, remembering the twinkle in their eye, and the laughter that surrounded them.