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Hockey Urns

While all sports have their over-the-top fans, hockey fans can be on another level. The sport of hockey is beloved across North America, both by players and fans alike. Whether your loved one saw hockey as simply a seasonal passion or as a year-round lifestyle, these striking hockey urns are the perfect way to honor someone who invested their time and energy in the game.

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Hockey Strength

In order for a player to excel on the ice, they will need to develop what's called "hockey strength." We're not talking here about straight-up muscle power. We're talking about someone who has advanced their core hockey skills in powerful ways. In addition to strong legs, cores, and wrists, players who possess "hockey strength" have also worked their skills and drills until they are second nature. 

Whether your loved one demonstrated their hockey strength physically on the ice or figuratively through learning stats, facts, and trivia, a good way to commemorate their dedication to the game is with a striking memorial hockey urn. 


Hockey coaches are always looking for players who can hustle. 

Good coaches want aggressive, persistent hockey players, with a positive attitude. They want players who realize they must fight their way to the top, that there is no such thing as a shortcut. Don't wait for your ship to come in, go out and meet it. (200x85)

In hockey and in life, there are people who work hard, play hard, and leave it all on the ice. They have that little bit of extra energy and drive that set them apart from the rest. If your now-departed loved one fits that description, memorializing them with a striking hockey urn could be the best way to honor that aspect of their character. 


In order for a hockey team to succeed, they're going to need to work together. While that doesn't mean no one can have any individual goals, it does mean that their individual goals are linked to the success of the group. When a team works together toward a common vision, their chances of winning increase exponentially. Honoring a loved one who operated as a true team player isn't always easy. Perhaps they didn't like personal attention or tried to stay out of the spotlight. If that's the case, perhaps it would be appropriate to honor their legacy with a striking hockey urn. 


Whether a player or a fan, most hockey lovers have their own collections of cherished memorabilia. While they love to show them off to visitors, they also take a great amount of personal pride and enjoyment in them as well.

Some fans can't get enough of buying game-worn jerseys and will plunk down precious coin to own a jersey related to a collection theme. Others can't quite afford that but want to get involved, so they choose to collect hockey cards, ticket stubs, pucks or bobbleheads, for example. (Bleacher Report)

If your loved one was the type to collect hockey memorabilia, perhaps a good way to honor that is to memorialize them with a striking hockey urn. 

Grief and Remembrance

Even after they are gone, it's still sometimes difficult to put into words exactly what someone has always meant to us. It can also be a challenge to summarize their entire life, coalescing it down to just one or two interests and character qualities. While we know the process isn't easy, we here at Green Meadow understand this dynamic. It's why we provide a wide array of custom cremation urns. This striking hockey urn serves as a reminder of your friend, family member, or loved one who was truly passionate about the game.