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Elephant Urns

The elephant has long been revered as a symbol of power, strength, and wisdom of the mind and body.  It is seen by many cultures as a spiritual connection to the divine.  With our collection of Elephant Urns, and extensive engraving options, it is possible to completely personalize either side of our wood or metal urns by adding names, dates, verses, and quotes to create the perfect resting place for your loved one.

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Elephant Artwork is Fitting for a Memorial 

Strong, evocative, powerful, and protective. These words aptly describe elephants, our world's largest mammals. From the massive proportions of their sturdy frames to the delicate sensitivity of their tender trunks, elephants exude both boldness and beauty. They are a powerful symbol with which to memorialize a loved one. 

Strength and Beauty 

In elephants, strength and beauty meet. Though their thick skin, powerful size, and sharp tusks would teach you to fear them, the devotion with which they nurse their young and care for one another is truly inspiring to witness. If your loved one was both strong and caring, protective against external threats but tender to those in their inner circle, they could not be better commemorated than with an elephant cremation urn. 

Long Life and Long Memory

Like human beings, elephants can live extremely long lives. Also, like humans, they cherish their relationships with both family members and communities. It has been said that elephants never forget, and the saying is more than simple folklore. Elephants have a demonstrated ability to remember one another, exhibiting long-term care and compassion on their mutual connections.

When we lose a friend, family member, or loved one after a long history of caring and compassionate connection, one of the best ways to memorialize the lost connection is with an elephant cremation urn. 

Caring Cognition

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals. They can identify different languages, use tools, mimic sounds, and read body language. Rather than harness these innate abilities for their own advantage, however, elephants generally use them to care for others. They have often been witnessed comforting one another, teaching their young, and showing empathy for the hurt and the sick. 

For instance, in 2019, six elephants lost their lives while attempting to rescue one baby elephant who had slipped over a waterfall at Thailand's Khao Yai National Park:

Edwin Wiek, the founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, told the BBC the remaining elephants of the herd will find it emotionally difficult getting over the trauma of losing their family, as elephants have been known to show signs of grief. He said the elephants will also struggle to survive as the animals rely on one another for protection and helping to finding food. (Metro UK)

Caring for one another, working to rescue those who are hurt, and morning the loss of loved ones. Elephants are indeed a fitting symbol to memorialize our own lost loved ones. 

Mourning the Dead

Unlike most animal species, elephants actually mourn their own dead. In fact, even if an elephant did not witness their fellow elephant's immediate passing, there's always a visceral reaction among elephants to any remains they find.

When living elephants encounter the body of one of their own, they will run their trunks over the face, trunks, and teeth of the body, as if seeking through their remarkable memories to see if they can identify their fallen companion. The gently blow air from their trunks, making small, sighing sounds. 

In some cases, elephants in the wild will "bury" their companions, covering their bodies with grass, dirt, and vegetation. Additionally, researchers have recorded instances of what appear to be elephants grieving the deaths of their herd members and immediate relatives. 

Grief and Remembrance

As we grieve and seek to remember our loved ones well, one of the best and most fitting ways we can do so is to memorialize them with an elephant cremation urn. In addition to representing the wonderful qualities of honor, dignity, strength, power, and loving care, elephants mourn both individually and collectively. 

 When we come together in grief and remembrance, we can find strength and comfort in the symbolism of the elephant.