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Cardinal Urns

There is a time in everyone's life when a person that we love passes away. When that time comes, and a loved one passes away, those that remain are given choices as to how is the best way for the remains of their loved ones to be laid to rest. Cremation and urns are one option that friends and families have. There are many options, shapes, sizes, and styles of urns for you to choose from to lay your loved one to rest in for perpetuity. Green Meadow Memorials has a plethora of urns for you to choose from for your loved one. One such option is cardinal cremation urns. They are a fitting tribute to the bird lover in your life that has passed on in order to remember the person and their passion for our feathered friends.

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Cardinal Artwork is Appropriate for the Bird Lover in Your Life

Cardinal urns are a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one whose passion was birds or bird watching. Cardinals have, for many years, held a special meaning for people around the globe. They say the vibrant red bird is a joyful sign that those we have passed on will live forever, so long as we keep their memory alive in our hearts. What better way to remember them and memorialize them than to have them laid to rest in an urn with such a special bird engraved upon its surface. 

Cardinals are Here and Angels are Near

Cardinals are considered special as many people believe that when cardinals are here, angels are near. The belief that a cardinal is a message or brings a touch of the person you have lost, is prevalent not just in bird communities, but around the world. They serve as wonderful reminders that loved ones that have passed away will love us always.

Caring Cognition

Creating a final resting place that honors your loved one brings peace to your heart and the cardinal urns are a wonderful way to do just that. For those who loved birds, cardinals are often one of the most popular types of birds, adding extra special meaning to the intricate engraving upon the urn. The cardinal urn is carefully and masterfully carved, each detail of this special and deeply meaningful bird is etched into the surface. Cardinals are caring, careful birds, that bring joy and love to your life, much like this urn, which is mindfully and carefully crafted. This perfectly and meticulously engraved design amply reflects the devotion to birds that your loved one had in life. Green Meadow Memorials is devoted to creating memorial urns that are beautiful representations of your loved ones and the intelligent life that they led.

Cardinal Spirituality

The old say goes that "love is all you need".  Cardinals are an excellent reminder of that on a daily basis.

"A cardinal's spiritual meaning is that of love," Christina Panescu says on "This is an animal that wings its way into your life when you are on the horizon of a new relationship or other significant event filled with romance."

The spirituality of the cardinal is similar to our own spirituality, tying us even closer with these beautiful feathered beings. 

Mourning the Dead 

Green Meadow Memorials creates memorials that are of the highest quality to ensure your loved one rests peacefully and safely for perpetuity. Their urns come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure that the way in which you memorialize your loved one is as unique as your loved one themselves. From wooden urns made in the USA to urns with themed artwork, to urns for pets, to urns with pictures, Green Meadow Memorials have the ideal way to memorialize your loved one. 

The cardinal urn is part of our themed urn line. This is for your loved one whose memory is tied to your heart with more than just their name. While this line of urns contains many different themes and the cardinal theme is the perfect fit for anyone whose passion was birds. This urn will perfectly memorialize your loved one in a way that touches your heart and brings memories of their passion for birds to your heart and mind each time you pass by it.

Grief and Remembrance

Green Meadow Memorials is dedicated to doing its best to help you, and your loved one, be at peace after your loved one has passed away. Our cardinal urn line is a unique way to memorialize the bird lover in your life. The cardinal has long been thought to represent the spirit of our loved ones alive in our hearts after they have passed away. What more perfect way to remember and memorialize your loved one who loved birds than to have their remains in a cardinal urn.