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Unicorn Urns

Memorialize Your Loved One with a Stunning Unicorn Urn

The mythology surrounding unicorns has been passed down for centuries. From ancient historical descriptions to medieval artwork to modern-day fairy tales, the enduring popularity of the unicorn in public imagination can be attributed to what unicorns have come to represent in the hearts and minds of people around the world. 

The unicorn is a beautiful and majestic animal and it is a fitting symbol to be featured on a loved ones cremation urn.

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Why the Unicorn Urn is Perfect for Your Loved One


In mythology, unicorns are legendary creatures known to possess magical abilities. They're also depicted as possessing stunning beauty. Often imagined either as a snowy white or as radiating rainbow hues, these animals stand tall and proud with a single, stunning horn protruding starkly from the top of their heads. When we imagine a unicorn stepping out of the dark forest into a well-lit clearing, it's hard to imagine anything more eye-catching.

If your loved one also possessed a rare beauty, either of form or of spirit, perhaps an appropriate way to memorialize this characteristic is with a stunning unicorn urn. 


There's a reason why unicorns have always captured our attention. Though we have no proof that they've ever existed in real life, unicorns endure in our shared experience because they represent the sort of whimsical imaginative powers that made our childhoods feel so magical. Unicorns may not exist in fact, but all that they represent to us is real.

When it comes time to memorialize a loved one who was either young or young at heart, whose powers of imagination and whimsy never wavered, a stunning unicorn urn is the perfect choice. 


Over many centuries, the power of the unicorn has never abated. In fact, one could argue that it's actually grown stronger over the years. 

Unicorns may not be real, but they've still managed to have a pretty lasting cultural impact. According to legend, these beautiful horned beasts have done everything from saving India from being conquered by Genghis Khan to purifying water. (Mental Floss)

Given all the amazing feats that have been ascribed to unicorns down through the centuries, their power remains unquestioned.

If your loved one has made a similar impact by leaving behind the memory of powerful words, actions, and deeds that will never be forgotten, consider honoring them with a stunning unicorn urn. 

Force for Good

According to the earliest artistic depictions by the ancient Greeks, unicorns were seen as a force for good: "Those who drank from its horn were thought to be protected from stomach trouble, epilepsy, and poison." Unicorns are also mentioned in the Bible in passages that the early Christian communities tended to interpret allegorically. These allegorical interpretations influenced the heavily-Christianized European medieval imagination, in which unicorns are described as strong and fierce animals who held an affinity for the perceived "purity" of young virgins. In nearly every depiction around the world, unicorns are seen as a force for good.

If your loved one was known for protecting the weak, caring for the sick, and championing just causes, perhaps one of the best ways to memorialize them is with a stunning unicorn urn. 

Grief and Remembrance

When a friend, family member, or loved one passes, we can easily feel overwhelmed by the weight of grief. How can we best ensure that we're representing to those who are left behind how much this person has meant to all of us? How do we honor a life well-lived? While there's a sense in which we'll never be able to do our lost loved one justice, there's another sense in which symbols can help us communicate what words feel insufficient to say.

By choosing a stunning unicorn urn for your loved one's final resting place, you'll be calling to mind such attributes as beauty, whimsy, power, and the forces of good.