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Ship Urns

The ocean is vast and virtually untamable. Even after much exploration and study, there's still so much we don't know about what goes on in its water depths. For centuries, humankind has been inventing ways to chart its courses, sail its waters, and stay connected to one another across vast distances of blue. For those who love ships and sailing, those who have dedicated their lives to shipbuilding, and all who love the sea, a stately ship urn could be a wonderful way to memorialize them when they pass on. 

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The Enduring Fascination of Ocean-Going Vessels

Humankind has enjoyed a long fascination with ships and sailing. Some people are drawn to the practical challenge of navigating long distances across the ocean. For others, ships and sailing carry an ongoing call to adventure. 

No other activity brings you so close to the elements of nature. You sail to get closer to yourself and whether you are looking for peace or adventure, alone or with friends, as a weekend trip or sailing around the world - it is like a balm for the soul! (Trip Legend)

When the time comes to lay to rest a loved one who held an enduring fascination with ships, sailing, and ocean-going vessels, a stately ship urn could be the best choice as their memorial. 

The Importance of Ships and Shipbuilding

Due to the ongoing and increased connection of global markets, shipbuilding has become an important industry all around the world. While China, South Korea, and Japan are currently the largest shipbuilding nations in the world, U.S. shipbuilding nevertheless has a rich and storied tradition. 

While the U.S. maritime sector is currently at one of its lower ebbs, there are still those for whom this part of our past holds an important legacy. If your loved one worked in shipping or shipbuilding, or if their family history intersected with the rich U.S. maritime tradition, a stately ship urn could be the perfect way to memorialize them. 

Life on the Open Waters

Plenty of people who never worked in shipping or shipbuilding nevertheless found themselves living their best lives on the open waters.

Whether it's our yachting friends, those who take yearly sailing trips and/or cruises around the world, people working in the cruise industry, or those who choose to live year-round in house boats, there are women and men the world over for whom the best moments of their lives have taken place on the open waters. 

In some ways, life on board a ship can prove challenging. There's always limited space, and the resources you can keep on board are likewise limited. Still, there are those for whom these limits are a trade-off. Living so close to nature and experiencing sights, sounds, and smells others never even dream of makes all the sacrifices and inconveniences worth it. 

Shipboard Careers

While there are those who go to sea to get away from it all, there are also those who go to sea as part of their careers. Whether they're in the Navy, work in shipping, or captain a charter ship, those who have chosen shipboard careers have nearly all made their passion into a profession.

If your loved one worked at sea, choosing a stately ship urn as their memorial can be a good way to commemorate their career. 

The Final Voyage 

Saying a final goodbye to a friend, family member, or loved one as they sail forever into the great beyond, so to speak, can be a difficult matter. With a stately ship urn, you can choose a method of honoring and remembering them that calls to mind one of their greatest passions.