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Shamrock Urns

A integral symbol to Ireland and linked to St. Patrick, the shamrock is a beautiful expression of nature.  Faith, Love and Hope are also associated with each leaf of the shamrock.  Available in five different colors, choose a Shamrock Cremation Urn for your loved one.  These memorials are not limited to those with Irish blood, they make an attractive and appropriate choice for anyone.  Green Meadow Memorials Shamrock Cremation Urns ship for free and have free engraving previews.

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Memorialize Your Loved One with a Symbolic Shamrock Urn

For centuries, the shamrock has served as a distinct representation of Irish heritage and culture. The iconic symbol, at one time deemed sacred, is now considered by many to be a sign of good luck and cheer. If you've lost a loved one who was proud of their Irish heritage, consider memorializing them with a symbolic shamrock urn.  

Irish Roots

If there's any question whether those of Irish descent are proud of their roots, look no further than the events surrounding Saint Patrick's Day, a day set aside to honor the patron saint of Ireland:

For Irish people living outside Ireland, Saint Patrick's Day became a chance to celebrate their Irish identity and culture...The U.S. is especially famous for its Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. Many cities with large ethnic Irish communities, like Boston, New York and Chicago, hold parades and parties. Cities will also color local rivers green for the day. (VOA)

But it doesn't have to be Saint Patrick's Day for those of Irish stock to flaunt their family pride. When you visit the homes of your Irish friends, you're likely to see family crests, Celtic art, and shamrock charms displayed around the house.

Religious Significance

Though most people are aware that the shamrock holds some sort of mystical significance, they may not be aware of its religious roots. According to lore surrounding the fifth-century missionary Saint Patrick, he supposedly used the shamrock to explain the three members of the Christian Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

The "True" Shamrock

While a shamrock is a clover, not every clover is a "true" shamrock. While there's still debate surrounding this issue, most agree that the trefoil White Clover is most likely the original symbol of Irish heritage. This is a common lawn weed native to Ireland. In fact, it's part of what makes the rolling hills of Ireland appear so green! If you were to visit the Emerald Isle, especially in summer, you could find them anywhere. This is no way diminishes the special place of the shamrock in the public imagination. Instead, the pervasive presence of clover is a reminder that our Irish heritage will always be with us.  

The Four-Leaf Clover

As a member Trifolium repens, White Clover tends to have just three leaves. That is, no doubt, why Saint Patrick allegedly found them a perfect illustration for the concept of the Triune God. Every once in a while, however, a clover will sprout a fourth leaflet. These occurrences are rare; and when you find a four-leaf clover, legend has it that you are in for some good luck.

It was the priests of the ancient Celts, called "Druids," who elevated four-leaf clovers to the status of good luck charms, potent against evil spirits. This is the origin of the modern belief in their power to bring good luck. (The Spruce)  

Finding a four-leaf clover is an unusual event, and when you find one, you're happy and excited. Perhaps you felt that same when you first forged a relationship with your now-departed friend, family member, or loved one. They stood out among all the rest as rare, unique, and special. If that's the case, the perfect way to memorialize them could be with a symbolic shamrock urn.  

Grief and Remembrance

When a loved one dies, perhaps the last thing we're thinking about is good luck. However, if your dearly departed friend or family member was proud of their Irish heritage and enjoyed connecting their lives to their roots, a symbolic shamrock urn could be the most appropriate way to honor them. For those of us left behind, the symbolism could serve as a reminder of how lucky we are even to have known them.