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Semi Truck Urns

Semi Truck drivers are passionate about their job, their rig, and their friends.  Choose from Semi Truck cremation urns and keepsake urns made from metal or wood, all featuring a wealth of engraving options to make each one truly unique.

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Memorialize Your Loved One with a Sturdy Semi Truck Urn

Steady, consistent, and hard-working. These words could easily describe any Over-the-Road Trucker. Those of us who love them best know that the daily life of our OTR trucker was radically different from most other people's. It's only fitting, then, that their final resting place honors that uniqueness. One of the best ways to memorialize the OTR trucker in your life is with a sturdy Semi Truck Cremation Urn.   

At Home on Wheels

Since our OTR truckers spent many nights in sleeper cabins while they were on the road, their tractor-trailer rigs basically became their home on wheels. Trading in their permanent street address for a Kenworth or a Peterbilt, their cab became their home-away-from-home.

After putting in ten-hour driving days, they'd find a semi-truck parking area, pull into a quiet spot, and settle down for a solid night's sleep. Since a home-on-wheels served our loved ones well in life, a Semi Truck Urn is a fitting way to symbolize the long rest they have now entered.

Sturdy Comfort

When first getting started in OTR trucking and deciding which sort of semi truck to invest in, truckers typically weigh a variety of options.

Which diesel engines are the most reliable?

What do the "old-timers" have to say about individual models?

Do certain makes and models spend more time in the repair shop than others?

Which catches my eye: conventional style rigs, show trucks, new rigs, or older vintage models?

Would I prefer a Freightliner over a Mack? Or Cabovers over both? 

At the bottom of all these considerations are two basic questions: Is the rig sturdy and is it comfortable? 

Obviously, a sturdy rig is a necessity. With OTR jobs often requiring coast-to-coast hauls on very short deadlines, there's no room in the schedule for holdups and breakdowns. Nobody wants to be dealing with anything other than routine maintenance. And with the vast majority of time on the road being spent literally on the road in the cab or sleeping cabin of their rigs, OTR truckers prioritize personal comfort out of necessity. Just as our OTR-trucking loved ones sought sturdy comfort in life, we can provide them sturdy comfort now by commemorating their lives with a sturdy Semi Truck Urn. 

Custom Sleeper Berths

Since the '90s, OTR truckers have been grappling with this issue: is the extra cost (not to mention the extra weight!) worth it to invest in a custom sleeper berth? 

For an owner operator, when cost control and management is the key to survival, big truck sleepers are making a resurgence. The practical element is a big perk. Truckers who own these trucks, seek out shippers and companies who can work a rig with the extra weight. A benefit to a company who has hired operators with these custom big bunk sleepers? These truckers don't mind so much about being out on long trips as they have the perfect set-up for being out on the road for long periods.

Just as custom berths are a possibility in OTR trucking, so custom-made Semi Truck Urns are a viable option for commemorating the loss of a loved one who spent their career on the road. 

Grief and Remembrance

Whenever we lose a friend or family member, we must grapple with how best to remember them. As we cycle through the phases of grief, the process of openly talking about specific memories, names, places, and events associated with our loved ones can bring relief. Later, as the shock wears off, we may feel extreme pain and sadness when we contemplate those very same specifics. 

Eventually, however, as the grief process continues, we cycle back to being grateful for each individual memory. If those specific memories involve OTR trucking, be sure to consider memorializing your loved one with a sturdy Semi Truck Urn.