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Police Urns

Being a police officer is a duty that deserves respect.  Long hours, tremendous pressure and making tough calls in terrible situations are all just part of the job.  Memorialize the dedication of the police officer in your life with a handsome police cremation urn.

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Memorialize Your Loved One with a Dignified Police Urn

In the broadest sense, police officers pledge to bring safety and serve justice in our neighborhoods and communities.  Though the nature of the job brings criticism and conflict, we all recognize that our police officers have signed up to experience situations most would prefer to avoid. These men and women help those in need and deter the use of violence.  For that, we desire to honor them. When it comes time to lay our loved ones to rest, if they have carried the badge, it could be that the best way to remember them is by choosing a dignified police urn.

To Protect and Serve

Originating with the LAPD in the mid part of the Twentieth Century, the motto "To Protect and Serve" has been adopted by other police forces around the country. It's so popular, in fact, that many people consider it the universal motto of the American police force. 

These values are echoed in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics:

As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve the community; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality, and justice.

Those who uphold these ideals are worthy of honor and a special commemoration. Our dignified police urns could prove the perfect way to do just that. 

Running Toward Danger

While most of us would choose to run from danger, the brave women and men who carry the badge choose instead to run toward it. Every day, they're willing to put themselves in harm's way in order to reduce or prevent harm coming to their communities. 

To show honor and gratefulness for that choice, we may choose to lay them to rest in a dignified police urn. 

Keeping Communities Safe

Police officers pay attention to local matters, seeking to identify areas of danger and risk in order to keep residents safe.

When communities are safer, everyone wins:

  • Neighbors connect
  • Businesses thrive
  • Property values rise
  • The streets are safe and people are out mingling 
  • Individuals, children, and families flourish

Though there are many facets to fostering safe communities, our police officers play a large role in responding to crisis situations and deterring crime. 

One way to show our thanks is to memorize our officers respectfully when they pass on.  Our dignified police urn is a good option. 

Saving Lives

As first responders, police officers don't just save lives by deterring crime. They are often the first people to arrive in times of non-criminal danger and crisis. Using their skills and thinking on their feet, they're able to assess the danger and organize an appropriate response in quick-thinking and life-saving ways. 

  • Fires
  • Car accidents
  • Wild animal attacks
  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods 
  • Cold snaps and heat waves
  • Blizzards and ice storms
  • Machine failures
  • Building collapses

In these situations and others like them, our police officers are often the first on the scene. Their willingness to rush in and save lives is worthy of recognition.

A great way to honor them for their life of service in saving lives is with a dignified police urn. 

Memorializing Our Loved Ones Well

None of us are looking forward to the time when we must memorialize a friend, family member, or loved one. We'd much rather just keep them with us forever. Unfortunately, however, this time comes for us all. If you must now lay a former police officer to rest, we can't think of a better way to honor them than with one of our dignified police urns.