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Pirate Urns

Pirates, once terribly feared by most people, have been romanticized in modern times as adventurous, passionate, and generally misunderstood people. If your dearly departed loved one was passionate about understanding the misunderstood and enjoyed a good adventure story, a pirate cremation urn is the perfect way to remember them for years to come. 

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Grand Adventures

Pirates are commonly associated with grand adventures. They spent their time sailing the deep blue seas, searching for hidden treasures, capturing grand ships full of rich people, and battling other pirates or terrifying sea creatures. Their lives were often beset with complicated relationships and daring romances that led to exciting--if often unpleasant--experiences.

If your loved one enjoyed a good adventure story, they almost certainly enjoyed a pirate tale. Did they have anything in common with pirates? Did they tinker in searching for treasure or love exploring new places? Did they struggle with complicated but passionate relationships? Did they have a passion for seeing justice done? Then they may have had a little something in common with the pirates of the old tales.

Driving Passion

One of the most powerful things about pirates is their driving passion. Whether they were passionate about getting treasure, about connecting with their true love, or just about roaming the sea in complete and utter freedom, they all had something that drove them to live and act as they did. In recent years, tales ranging from Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger in Peter Pan to the Pirates of the Caribbean films following Jack Sparrow's many adventures have infused new life into the background stories of the pirates of old.

If your loved one was full of passion, you may recognize a bit of them in pirate tales. Perhaps they lived their lives in the service of others, pressing forward even when it seemed impossible, doing everything they could to support their family.

Perhaps they pursued wealth and success with a driving force, chasing after the dreams they knew they could fulfill and the work that would live on in eternity.

Perhaps they were incredibly dedicated to a relationship that struggled, to pursuing and connecting with a loved one who could never quite seem to stay around. 

No matter what your loved one lived for, their passion kept them going as much as the passion that drove pirates to illegal but sometimes (to them) necessary acts when they roamed the seas freely so many years ago. 

A Touch of Whimsy

There's no question that pirate tales are whimsical tales. Many of the stories we hear today could never have truly happened. Yet the romantic vision of what a pirate is and does remains strong in our culture today. We look at these tales full of whimsy, passion, and adventure and we wish that we could fall right into them.

When you choose to remember your loved one with a pirate cremation urn, you can bring that whimsy to life. As you process your grief and spend time reflecting on the beautiful, passionate legacy they left behind, a pirate urn will remind you of how much they cherished living life to the full. As you move on and begin to recover from your loss, a look at the pirate urn will remind you that your loved one wants you to live life to the full as well.

Choose a pirate urn to memorialize your dear family member. Choose it to help you remember their passion for living and loving, their care for you, and their adventurous flare. And when you look at the urn, remember that you too can live a life of whimsy, passion, and adventure until you meet with your loved one again on the other side.