Motorcycle Sharing Urn - Midnight Blue


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  • SKU: GM15218
  • Stock available: 10+
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 4" Wide x 4" Deep x 6" High
  • Size: Sharing (40 cubic inches)
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Remember the good times with the Midnight Blue Motorcycle Sharing Cremation urn. A sharp combination of rich color and detailed engraving, this memorial can be personalized both front and back.

When a family is sharing a meaningful amount of remains, the Keepsake urn size is too small and the Adult urn size is too large.  The Sharing size urn a can be just the right size for this occasion.

At 40 Cubic inches, it will hold around 1/4 of the cremated remains of a loved one.  At approximately 6" high and 4" wide it can be just the right size for displaying and keeping near.  Being larger than a Keepsake, the artwork and text is larger as well, allowing for it to be more easily recognized and read.

Quality threads make the lid simple to open yet allows it to be screwed securely shut.  A felt covered bottom protects any display services.