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Hot Air Balloon Urns

Few images capture the adventurous heart like that of a hot air balloon rising into the clouds. Anyone who has ridden in a hot air balloon can testify to the thrill that comes over you as you lift off into the freedom of the sky. They represent beauty, bravery, exploration, and success; and even after hundreds of years, they continue to impress the world. 

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A History of the Hot Air Balloon

While the Chinese are credited with inventing the first hot air balloon concept over a thousand years ago, they used it in the form of unmanned floating lanterns for military signaling, etc. These types of lanterns are still popular at special events such as weddings and birthday parties. However, the first attempts to put passengers on a hot air balloon seem to have occurred in France during the 1700's.

From that point on, these magnificent flying vehicles have graduated over the centuries from trial runs, to limited military and scientific observation purposes, to finally, a readily available option for leisure recreation. Today, hot air balloon festivals are held all around the world to celebrate this unique form of aeronautics, and thousands of people gather to see the amazing sight as hundreds of balloons lift into the clear sky.

Construction Materials

The first hot air balloons were usually made out of silk; a strong, shimmering, and lightweight fabric that held up well under the heat and tension that is necessary for the balloon's flight. As you can imagine, however, silk was quite costly, and also difficult to repair if any damages occurred. 

Modern hot air balloons use nylon or polyester, and the fabric is carefully tested and regulated to ensure safety for the passengers. A fireproof fabric called Nomex is used directly around the burner to prevent the balloon from melting or igniting.

A Symbol of the Ideal Life

Doesn't a hot air balloon symbolize what everyone wants in life? Think about it; they are graceful and beautiful. Each one is unique in appearance, with bright colorful designs that dazzle the eyes. While they are calm and peaceful in their flight, they are exciting in nature as they are carried along with the will and breath of the wind. 

Glorious Memories 

Just like the beauty of a hot air balloon floating over the trees and towns, our memories of loved ones can lift our spirits as we recall a life well lived, and the gentle passing of the years. Every journey has a start and a finish, and every life is an adventure that will carry us places we don't always expect. Whether we realize it or not, many of these sentiments wash over us when we see a hot air balloon.

A Fitting Memorial

If you're looking for the perfect picture to be engraved on the cremation urn of your loved one, you may want to consider the hot air balloon and all it represents. After all, memories should be accompanied by symbols of hope, joy, and a bright outlook for the future as well. Life is far more than the mere material existence of a physical body. It is the ambition of a child learning to walk. The tenderness of a young heart learning to love. The courage to face storms and trials. The strength to maintain dignity and virtue till our last breath. That is the ultimate legacy of a life, and though that life may come to an end, it will continue to impact the world forever.

We're Here for You

Our caring team at Green Meadow Memorials can come alongside you in your time of loss, and help you find the perfect cremation urn for your loved one. We know that it can feel overwhelming to have to make a lot of decisions during a time of grief, so we strive to keep things simple and straightforward. Let us help you create a customized urn that will hold your most treasured memories.