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Guitar Urns

Music can both channel the soul and speak to it. A guitar urn is an incredible memorial for those who used their instruments to to express themselves or for loved one who really lived for catching a good riff. The Green Meadow Memorials guitar urns for ashes are available number of different artwork styles and featuring both electric and acoustic guitars. Extensive engraving options make it possible to feature favorite lyrics or song titles along with sentiments and poems.

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Memorialize Your Loved One with an Evocative Guitar Urn

Creative, curious, and enthusiastic. These qualities and more reside in the musicians we know and love--particularly in guitar players. Whether they were more drawn to acoustic or electric, their music filled us with joy and evoked deeper feelings of passion and longing. One of the best ways we can remember them is to memorialize their lives with an evocative guitar urn. 

Patience and Dedication

The skills required to play the guitar well are not developed overnight. In fact, the best guitar players make their craft a life-long love affair, dedicating hours every day to become more skilled at what they love. The chords, the fingering, the picking and strumming, the bends, and the fretwork. All of this takes time to develop, and the patience and dedication required to master skills and styles related to the guitar are both worth honoring. 

Casual players, ones who just want to know "how to play the guitar," don't always appreciate just how much work goes into playing like a master. Eddie van Halen has something to say about this:

Most beginners want to learn lead because they think it's cool, consequently they never really develop good rhythm skills, since most of a rock guitarists time is spent playing rhythm, it's important to learn to do it well...learning lead should come after you can play solid backup and have the sound of the chords in your head." 

Whether your loved one dedicated a large portion of their life to becoming a master guitarist or whether their love for the instrument was more aspirational, a great way to honor their respect for the craft is by choosing a guitar urn for their final place of rest. 

Creating Connections

Music always creates connections. Building bridges across eras, cultures, and creeds, good music reminds us at the most basic level of what it means to be human.

Guitar players are a vital part of that legacy. With their music, they helped us connect with our own feelings, with one another, and with the musicians themselves. One way we can seek to stay connected to them is by memorializing their lives with a guitar urn. 

An Emotional Embrace

There's a reason why well-hugged babies lead to less-stressed adults. Hugs lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and deepen our relationships with the object of our affection. 

Hugging can be good for our hearts. Embracing someone may warm your heart, but according to one study a hug can be good medicine for it too: In an experiment at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill , participants who didn't have any contact with their partners developed a quickened heart rate of 10 beats per minute compared to the five beats per minute among those who got to hug their partners during the experiment. (Smalley Institute)

Guitarists know the value of an embrace.

Unlike some other instruments, you cannot maintain any sort of distance from your guitar. To play the guitar, you have to hold it in your arms. You wrap yourself around it, stroke it with your hands, and give it your full, embodied attention. You put your mind, soul, and body into the music. 

When we lose a loved one, we often long for one more chance to hold them in just such a way. Though we're not able to do so, we are able to memorialize them in a manner that reflects this longing. By choosing an evocative guitar urn, you can express such desires symbolically.  

Grief and Remembrance

When we lose a friend, family member, or cherished loved one, we will always struggle to find words to adequately express our grief. This is a challenging dynamic. Words are often insufficient to express our emotions. Instead, we turn to symbols.

A guitar urn evokes feelings of dedication, connection, and an emotional embrace. By choosing a guitar urn, you'll be able to express your grief in a way that words may fail to reach.