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Gaming Urns

Since roughly the 1950s, the gaming community in the United States has been on the rise. From the "Brown Box" to the Atari,  Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and beyond, gamers have had access to increasingly sophisticated ways to enjoy their favorite pastime. For some, gaming has gone beyond a simple pastime to become a truly meaningful part of their lives. If your loved one identified as a gamer, a good way to honor that aspect of their lives is with an unconventional gaming urn.

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Social and Collaborative

While the caricature of "gamers" has them living alone in their parents' basement, rarely interacting with others, the truth is generally the opposite. Most gamers are incredibly social and collaborative. Gamers build teams, run campaigns, form alliances, and work together to problem-solve and find workarounds for particularly challenging aspects of specific games. 

[Past] the mask of stereotypes and negative news coverage, research in the gaming industry reminds us that gaming is meant to be a positive experience – one that's both literally full of fun and games, as well as conducive to learning. Research has shown that video games, especially, help people from all walks of life interact and co-exist with one another in the real world.  (VentureBeat)

Contrary to the opinions of the uninformed, gamers love people, and their people love them right back. A good way to express that love is by memorializing them with a countercultural gaming urn.

Evolving Community

For gamers, each new game they invested themselves in opened up avenues of access to new friendships, both locally and around the world. They could meet new people from different walks of life with whom, through the medium of the game, they could share interests and passions. These ever-evolving communities can provide a real sense of comfort and companionship.

Choosing a gaming urn could be a way to honor those relationships.   


While gaming is an important part of the broader culture, many gamers pride themselves in being somewhat countercultural. With their laser focus on achieving in the gaming world, they often voluntarily remove themselves from meeting benchmarks and seeking approval in the same way that others of their generation do. 

Safety and Security

For many gamers, gaming provides a sense of safety and security in an otherwise unpredictable world. While we can never be certain that we will get that promotion at work or succeed in our relational endeavors, games provide a level of predictable access to challenges, promises, and payoffs.

While there's always some level of uncertainty in life about making decisions and solving problems, almost every game points gamers in the right direction to win and rewards their progress and positive reinforcement -- something we can all use from time to time.

Sense of Purpose

Every game has an end goal, and no matter what that goal is, every game serves a broader purpose: to meet the needs of those who are opting in. Whether they need release from stress, relational connection, attention, social capital, or a fun escape from daily life, games can provide those things in a way other aspects of life sometimes fail to do. 

While we may not have turned to gaming in the same way some of our family members, friends, or loved ones did, we can certainly understand the needs that drew them into that world. One way to show we understand is by choosing a gaming urn as their final resting place.

Remembering Our Loved Ones

In the end, remembering our loved ones can prove a double-edged sword. While we enjoy the happy memories of our times together, we're also saddened because they've gone on before us. If the time has come to lay a gamer in your life to rest, consider honoring them with a personalized gaming urn.