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Football Urns

Over 30% of all Americans claim that football is their favorite sport. Whether they love to watch great rival matchups (we are a sucker for Vikings vs Packers and Iowa vs Iowa State here), love to play the game, or simply love the sport itself, when you think of these folks, you think football. Of course, many people identify with particular teams. They decorate their homes, vehicles, and even themselves with signs and symbols of their favorite teams and players. If this describes your loved one, perhaps a dynamic football urn is the perfect choice to memorialize them forever. 

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Deep Roots

If you know anything about football, you're likely already aware that different versions of it are played all around the world. The current version favored here in the United States originally finds its roots in rugby, a dynamic, full-contact ball game played by two teams meeting on a field of turf. 

In the nineteenth century, the game as we know it really began taking shape and taking off around the country. Now, it's one of the most popular sports in the nation, and American football teams have fans around the world.  

If your loved one's enthusiasm for football has roots just as deep as the sport's history, a dynamic football urn will help you recognize this passion and hold it in remembrance. 

Gaining Ground

Ultimately, football is about gaining ground on your opponents. While there are times you'll have to act defensively, protecting your end zone from a potential touchdown, for the most part, your focus is on keeping possession of the ball and moving it forward down the field. 

Each team wants to defend the field that is behind it and invade the field in front of it. Ultimately, they want to gain enough ground to score a touchdown or field goal. (HowStuffWorks)

In life, if your loved one always focused on moving forward, rarely looking back or losing momentum, perhaps a football urn is a way to honor their legacy of commitment and determination. 

Special Teams

In general, each football team has players who focus on either offense or defense. In addition, coaches develop what are called "special teams." These special units work on strategies and drill together to anticipate certain problems and provide practiced solutions.

If your loved one was a dedicated problem-solver, one who could work with others to achieve a desired end, a dynamic football urn could be a great way to demonstrate their strength in those areas. 

Keeping Score

Every sport has its own particular scoring method, and football is no exception. There are different ways to score points, and each element can earn a different number of points:

Touchdowns - 6 points

One-point conversions - 1 point

Two-point conversions - 2 points

Field Goals - 3 points

Safety - 2 points

It's one thing to keep score in a game and another to keep score in life. While in some contexts, "keeping score" could be a bad or harmful thing, in other ways, having someone who keeps track of the needs of their friends, relatives, and neighbors can be a true comfort. 

If your loved one paid careful attention to what was going on and always seemed to "know the score," a dynamic football urn may be the right choice for their memorial.    

Remembering Our Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one, sometimes we often struggle to know how best to remember them. Thinking about the good times can cause both laughter and tears. Still, choosing to memorialize our friends and family members in a way that captures what is unique or memorable about them can help us hold them in our hearts forever. This dynamic football urn could provide a way for you to do just that.