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Dump Truck Urns

Familiar and ubiquitous to anyone who grew up on suburban or urban America, dump trucks are one of the roadway's universal staples. Going up and down the streets, congregating around construction sites, and exciting small children with their size and noise, dump trucks play an important role in many people's lives. It could be that your loved one is best memorialized with a practical dump truck urn.

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A Unique History

Believe it or not, there was a time in modern history when we didn't have dump trucks. As a matter of fact, they're a fairly recent innovation. Dump trucks have really only been around for the past hundred years or so. 

British vehicle producer Thornycroft is credited with coming up with the idea of a cart that emptied its own contents. It was the late 1800s when the company began selling carts that tipped back when detached from the hitch. When motorized vehicles made the scene, operators had to manually crank a rope and pulley to dump loads from the first actual dump trucks.  In 1910, U.S. manufacturers stepped in to help dump truck history along by motorizing the dumping process. (FullBay)

It wasn't until WWI, however, that there was a big demand for dump trucks. From that time on, they became an essential part of both military and civilian life. 

Children's Joy

It's no secret that children love big trucks. From garbage trucks to dump trucks, they go wild for a huge machine on four big wheels.

Kids love big trucks for lots of reasons, including the fact that they're large, loud, and colorful. Big trucks also represent big projects to kids, who are still learning all about how the world around them has been put together. 

No matter their age, if your loved one loved big machines, big trucks, and heavy equipment, the practical dump truck cremation urn may be the best choice for their memorial. 

Important Jobs

Those who drive dump trucks as their profession are very important. 

Dump truck drivers are the underpinning of all construction work as well as mining and quarry operations small, large, and extra large. These big trucks and those who can safely and quickly operate them are essential to the fabric of our society, and when we lose one of them, we are all the poorer for it.

If your loved one made a living by serving society in this way, we can't think of a more fitting memorial than a practical dump truck cremation urn. 

Sharing the Road with Big Trucks

Anyone who has a driver's license knows there's an art to sharing the road with big trucks. Whether you're navigating around them in city traffic or experiencing them rumbling along beside you on the highway, one thing's for sure: you always know when they're there.

Perhaps on long road trips, you've played car games based on spotting big trucks of different colors or pumping your fist up and down as you drive past them in an effort to convince their drivers to blow their horns.

Whatever your memories around sharing the road with big trucks, they  may prompt you to consider choosing a practical dump truck cremation urn to memorialize your friend, family member, or loved one. 

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Deciding how best to remember our loved ones will always be a complicated question. Each person is such a unique mix of interests, qualities, and special gifts. Sometimes it's difficult to decide which facet of their personhood to highlight in their memorial. It could be that for your loved one, a practical dump truck cremation urn is the right choice.