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Dolphin Urns

Memorialize Your Loved One with a Playful Dolphin Urn

Playful,  intelligent, and optimistic, dolphins are a symbol of a nearly limitless ocean.  Through the examples of dolphins, we can see that even in a harsh environment such as the ocean, there is time for fun, fellowship, and fascinating adventures. 

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Dolphins are all about fun and friendship.

Both because their permanently curved mouths give them the appearance of a smile and because they're known for their playful antics, dolphins have earned a reputation for being the life of the aquatic party. Dolphins are incredibly social animals who live in pods, and it's rare to see a dolphin off on its own. Instead, when they're spotted by humans, they're most often frolicking in the ocean waves with friends.

If your loved one was bright, playful, and incredibly social, perhaps one of the best ways to honor their life is by memorializing them with a playful dolphin urn.


Among ocean dwellers, dolphins are known for being among the most highly intelligent and skilled. One way in which they demonstrate their intelligence is through their well-developed modes of communication.

Dolphins have an array of vocalizations such as clicks, whistles and squeals which they use for their well-developed communication and echolocation skills. (WDC)

In addition to refined communication and echolocation, dolphins are also known for the following:

  • Having large brains relative to body size
  • Demonstrating an ability to process emotions
  • Using signature whistles to name and call one another
  • Playing games that require following rules
  • Cooperating with others in the group
  • Possessing a sense of self

Because these traits are so rare among mammals, dolphins have earned a well-deserved reputation for intelligence. If your friend, family member, or loved one earned a similar reputation in their lifetime, perhaps you should consider memorializing them with a playful dolphin urn. 

Energetic Spirit

Though graceful swimmers, dolphins are also capable of lunging, diving, and arcing in graceful curves through the water. Their seemingly endless supply of aquatic energy is fueled by oxygen (they're mammals, after all) and controlled by the skilled use of their dorsal fin.

Dolphins are also swift swimmers. The bottlenose can attain speeds of nearly 18 miles (30 kilometers) per hour in short bursts, and common dolphins are even faster. A number of species are attracted by moving ships and often accompany them, leaping alongside and sometimes riding the waves created by the ships' bows.  (Britannica)

If your loved one was known for always being on the move, a playful dolphin urn could be just the thing to capture the essence of their energetic spirit.


Though dolphins spend their time in the sea and are often thought of as members of the fish family, they are not fish. As we mentioned above, they are actually warm-blooded mammals. Because of this, they must make frequent trips to the surface of the water to catch their breath. Though it requires breathing through a blowhole that operates much like a nose, they spend their entire life cycles in the water.

In this sense, perhaps your loved one reminds you of a dolphin. Though not unhappy in this lifetime, they may have found it challenging to conform to the confines of society. They were able to function well, but they were clearly unlike anyone else around. If that's the case, consider memorializing them with a playful dolphin urn. 

Grief and Remembrance 

Deciding how best to memorialize our loved ones can feel like an overwhelming challenge. The things we love most about people are often hard to categorize or express. In such cases, we turn to symbols to help us communicate the intangible qualities that we adored about the people we have lost. With a playful dolphin urn, you will be able to remember the joy and energetic spirit that made your loved one special.