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Beer Urns

Sharing a cold one with a family member or friend in the best of times, worst of times or even just the fun times is common and treasured memory for many.  A beer cremation urn will help keep that memory fresh.  Available in Adult, Sharing and Keepsake sizes there is a color and size beer urn for every occasion. Just like beer.

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Memorialize Your Loved One with an Attractive Beer Urn

Beer.  It's a supremely popular beverage here in the United States, with consumers age 21 and older drinking 26.1 gallons of beer and cider per person during one recent year. People don't just enjoy drinking beer, however. They also enjoy making it. A resurgence in craft beer making in the last two decades may be putting the United States back on the map when it comes to a diverse beer selection in a way we haven't seen since before the Prohibition Era.

Given the almost universal popularity of beer, we shouldn't be surprised in all the many unique places we see beer popping up. We also should not be surprised that people are choosing to commemorate their loved ones with handsome beer cremation urns. 


Wherever people are celebrating, beer can generally be found. 

  • Favorite sports team wins a match? Beer.
  • Office mate gets a raise or promotion? Beer. 
  • Roommates graduate from college? Beer.
  • Business partners secure major funding? Beer. 

All these reasons and more cause people to gather round and lift their glasses in celebration, toasting a combination of hard work and good fortune. If your friend or loved one was always ready to buy the next round, a beer urn could be a great way to remember them. 


Whenever people are disappointed by life, beer is also there to comfort them. While it's never wise to drink in excess, a beer at the end of a long day or after a particularly disappointing experience can help people calm down, unwind, and re-center. Whether you meet up with friends at the bar or crack open a cold one in your own kitchen, sometimes a beer is just what you need to calm down and process a major disappointment.  

If your loved one was the type you could grab a beer with, even just to sit and sip in silence after a bad day, perhaps a condoling beer urn might be a good way to honor that part of their memory.  

Special Events

At nearly every kind of special event, beer is a near constant presence.

  • Concerts and rallies 
  • Sporting events 
  • Live performances 
  • Community block parties
  • Boat parades 
  • Family picnics
  • County fairs 

Packed into coolers, sold out of the backs of trucks, or served up in tall glasses--no matter where you go, beer is likely to show up. It is the humble yet popular beverage almost universally consumed. 

If your loved one was the type to show up at any special event with a beer in their hand, this memorial beer urn could be the right choice to remember them. 

World's Most Popular Beverage

Not only is beer a hometown favorite in the United States; it is also the world's most popular beverage. 

In some places, it's cheaper and more reliable than even the local water sources. 

People have been celebrating with beer (and other booze) for millennia. When archaeologists traced the origins of human civilization, they found that communities centered on alcohol... Why is beer such a communal brew when compared with wine or liquor? With far less alcohol per ounce than other drinks, beer can be the drink of moderation. (Time)

As the world's most popular beverage, it only makes sense that beer has made its way into the popular imagination through iconography, as witnessed in our popular memorial beer urns. 

Remembering Our Loved Ones

No matter the circumstances, saying goodbye to our loved ones is never easy. By choosing a memorial urn that represents a key aspect of their personality, however, you're in a better position to remember them well in the weeks and years to come. Depending on their own unique interests and lifestyle, a condoling beer urn could be the right choice for you and your dearly departed.