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Basketball Urns

A game that requires strategy, fitness, team work and talent, basketball is a exciting and passionate sport.  A basketball player or fan who loved the sport can now be memorialized with an attractive basketball cremation urn.

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One of the most popular sports in the world, basketball is not only fun to play, but it's also fun to watch. With its relatively simple rules and dynamic pace, basketball captures draws in both heart and mind like nearly no other activity. The sheer popularity of basketball makes it an ideal way to remember a player, fan, or coach who has passed on.

Few Limits

Basketball stimulates both the body and mind, and because of its easy accessibility, there are few limits to who can and cannot play basketball.

With each day, its popularity grows. Yes, people love to play the sport because it can be played anywhere by anyone. You can play basketball as a competitive sport or a casual game on the backyard court.... If you are unable to utilize the courts in schools, there are social communities that provide them. You can find people on the streets or the roads without a formal game setup. (NeConnected

If you want to play basketball, all you need is a ball, a hoop, and maybe some friends. It's a simple as that. 

Perhaps your loved one was one of those people who was always ready for a pickup game. Who was always out in the driveway shooting hoops. Who ate, talked, and lived for basketball. If so, then a sporty basketball urn would be a wonderful way to honor their memory. 

March Madness Never Stops

It's estimated that upwards of 36 million adults fill out annual March Madness brackets. They spend months in advance planning their brackets, organizing their pools, and dreaming up prizes and rewards. In the months that follow, the cycle of planning and dreaming begins all over again.

Whether your loved one organized your local pool, was known for obsessing over their brackets, or simply loved March Madness, choosing a sporty basketball urn for their memorial will help you remember that fun and playful side of their personality. 

Basketball: A Global Phenomenon 

Basketball isn't just an American sport. It's a global phenomenon. Around the world, basketball reaches a global audience of approximately 850 million fans, with up to 450 million people playing the game.

Men and women, children, students, and adults of different nationalities play, keep up with their favorite teams, and--every four years--root for their national team during the Summer Olympics. 

Your loved one may have kept up with international basketball news, or they may have just had their favorite hometown teams that they rooted for. Either way, you can highlight that part of their legacy by choosing a sporty basketball urn as their resting place.   

For the Love of the Game

There are different  ways your loved one may have found a connection to the game of basketball.

  • They may have played for fun
  • They may have played professionally
  • They may have been on a local team or a rec league
  • They may have been obsessed with March Madness
  • They may have coached a professional team or a local peewee league
  • They may have planned their activities around the next big game
  • They may have played to keep fit
  • They may have simply loved the game

Whatever your loved one's connection to basketball, our sporty basketball urn seeks to give you a way to represent that aspect of their lives as you lay them to rest.  

Saying Goodbye

It's never easy to lay our loved ones to rest. While the process will never be without grief, choosing a memorial urn that represents who they were as a person, along with their unique passions and interests, can help you know you're honoring their memory well. A basketball urn could be the perfect choice for your situation.