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Woodworking Urns

Wood has been used by man since the beginning of time, but it takes a special kind of person to know how to turn a piece of ordinary wood into an object or structure of quality. Carpenters and woodworkers have always been among the most important contributors to civilization, from the ancient cultures to the modern. Where would we be without them?

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The Use of Wood Through the Ages

It makes little difference whether a society is primitive or highly sophisticated, a shanty in the jungle or a royal palace; wood has been a suitable material for every class and culture. Archaeologists have found the remains of rough wooden tools, and basic furniture in ancient ruins, but they have also found evidence of more advanced uses of wood. 

Beautiful ebony veneer with inlaid ivory shows the skill of Egyptian woodworkers over 5,000 years ago. These types of furniture pieces were placed in tombs with the Pharaohs and other notable persons.

Another famous historical structure that utilized the art of woodworking was the magnificent Temple of Solomon. Although the entire temple was overlaid with gold, underneath was cedar that had been imported from Lebanon. This cedar was carved with intricate designs and used for wall panels, bifold doors, and enormous angelic statues. 

And of course, one of the most well known carpenters was not even known for what he built with wood, but for His decision to die on a wooden cross.

Hiram Young

Skilled woodworking has the ability to change lives in an incredible way, as seen in the story of Hiram Young. He was born in 1812 as a black slave in Tennessee, and learned the art of woodworking early in life. Later moving to Missouri, Hiram thrived with tools and wood.

Hiram was so talented with wood that by the time he was 31, he had sold enough of his handmade ox yokes to purchase his own freedom and the freedom of his wife Matilda. But he didn't stop there! Hiram went on to build not only ox yokes, but an huge business that became a monopoly in the world of ox yokes and wagons! He himself purchased slaves and enabled them to work and buy their freedom as well, preparing them to succeed in life when liberty was actualized.

With his acquired position of influence after the Civil War, Hiram addressed racial injustice and built a school to teach young black children how to learn skills and build their own businesses. This American businessman was a true hero. His grave marker simply says, "Hiram Young, after leading a useful life, died Jan 22, 1882, Aged 59 years".

Modern Carpentry

Today, wood is still used for so many articles of furniture, framing for buildings, and specialty items like carvings, games, and home decor. And the special folks who can make a tree into a masterpiece are still as valued as ever. Mechanized manufacturing has taken the jobs of many skilled workers, but personalized woodworking can never be entirely replaced.

Memorial to a Skilled Woodworker

If your loved one knew how to skillfully handle a hammer and saw, sanders and planers, nails and screws, a woodworking themed cremation urn may be the perfect choice. Some people aren't quite happy unless they are using their hands to create something, taking ideas from their minds and building it for themselves and others to enjoy; these are the master craftsmen and women, and their legacy must be preserved and remembered.

Woodworking themed cremation urns are custom engraved to memorialize and celebrate the lives of carpenters and anyone who knew how to work with wood, because they will always hold a place of honor in the world.