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Wolf Urns

The wolf is a symbol of strength, courage and family.  Choose a wolf cremation urn for your loved one to have this symbol permanently engraved onto their memorial.

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There's just something about wolves. Though they're fiercely strong and independent, they're also incredibly social and interdependent with their packs. Loyal to their families and caring toward their young, wolves show us what it means to be tough enough to survive and yet tender enough to love. Memorializing your loved one with a compelling wolf urn allows you to recognize all the ways in which your loved one expressed this remarkable dichotomy.


Although wolves appear all over the world on every major continent on the earth, many of us spend an entire lifetime never catching a glimpse of one in person. Sometimes, that is due to where we choose to live. More likely, however, it's due to how wolves operate in the world.

Wolves are incredibly elusive, managing to spend entire life cycles largely avoiding contact with humankind. Though we rarely see wolves in person, wolves nevertheless have left an impact on our collective consciousness.

This is particularly true of the gray wolf.

Pervasive in mythology, folklore, and language, the gray wolf has had an impact on the human imagination and has been the victim of levels of misunderstanding that few animals have shared. (Britannica)

Just like the nature of grief, wolves are an ever-present and yet elusive presence in our lives. A compelling wolf urn could be a wonderful way to capture this dynamic.

Family First

Wolves are incredibly social creatures, and their packs of extended family units become their entire worlds. Within a wolf pack, the old wolves are cared for, the young are trained in hunting and combat, and order is maintained through a complex hierarchy of leadership.

But wolf packs don't just share responsibility for a workload. They also share incredibly tight emotional bonds. Researchers who study wolves have found that this goes beyond mere instinct. They genuinely love and care for one another. This is one of the reasons why packs stay close together, creating their own unique cultures and passing their legacy down through generations.

If your loved one cared for the family, protected their own, and showed strong family loyalty and leadership, one of the best ways to honor their legacy is to choose to memorialize them with a compelling wolf urn.


If there's one thing we know about wolves, it's that they are survivors. Over many generations, as the world has changed around them, wolves have demonstrated a capacity to survive many threats. 

  • Inhospitable environments
  • Changing global weather patterns
  • Natural predators 
  • Hunted nearly to extinction

Because of their ability to survive adverse circumstances, wolves have become symbols of courage, endurance, and intelligence. Sometimes just seeing a picture of a wolf will inspire us to carry on when we feel hopeless. 

If your loved one also displayed courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, choosing a compelling wolf urn with which to memorialize them is likely a wise move.

Capacity to Mourn

Humans aren't the only ones who carry the capacity to mourn. Wolves also mourn their dead. They emit an "eerie, sorrowful howl," a heart-breaking expression of one-sided grief.

Anyone who hears a wolf's mournful howl can relate to the feeling. The depths of grief at losing a loved one, difficult to express in words, are clearly communicated in this piercing, lonesome sound.

Grief and Remembrance

When we lose a friend, family member, or loved one, we often feel unable to express exactly what that person meant to us. Here at Green Meadow, we understand that dynamic all too well.

In choosing a compelling wolf urn as your loved one's final resting place, you will perhaps find a way to express the inexpressible depths of your grief.