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UFO Urns

Out of this world; it's a way we describe a person who is so fantastic that they're not bound by earthly limitations. A friend who is creative, energetic, and always has something interesting to say is someone who deserves to be remembered in all their unforgettable glory.  UFO urns are for those who had something special to bring into this world - and leave a piece of that inspiration with us when they go. 

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UFO Urns for the SciFi Enthusiast Who Has Gone Beyond Our Stars

Science fiction is more than just fantastical stories, it is a contemplation of the future. People who love science fiction tend to be creative, smart, and always looking for a new way that technology could unlock the universe. They know there is a universe out there so vast that anything is potentially possible in the great celestial realms. They dream of what lies beyond the stars. And now they will find out.

When a science fiction loved one passes on, it may be a comfort to know that they finally have the opportunity to discover what lies beyond our stars. As their spirit reaches the great beyond, we like to remember them with the image of a UFO, their favorite kind of craft to dream of as they travel the stars and discover the true expanses of our universe; no longer tethered to the material plane.

UFO Urns for Our Loved Ones who Never Bought the Fermi Paradox

Your loved one may have had an unshakable faith that there is life out there. This is something we all dream of. It's so hard to buy the Fermi Paradox; the idea that Earth is the only place that life has ever thrived and grown to sentience. Surely there must be something greater out there, new life to find on distant planets circling stars we've never seen. And perhaps they've already found us.

Watching for UFOs and contemplating the possibility of extra-terrestrial neighbors is not just a pastime for some, it's a passion. A passion that shouldn't fade away when your loved one passes on to seek new horizons outside the physical limitations of planets and gravity wells.

If your loved one was always looking to the sky and looking for friends beyond the stars, a UFO urn may comfort you to see that they could have found those friends with greater insights than we possess here below the great starry dome.

UFO Urns for Those Aliens Who Have Walked Among Us

Perhaps you have known a truly unique and special person who never quite fit into the definition of "normal". A normal life just wasn't for them. They always had something unique, challenging, and perhaps a little strange to share with friends. They brought color and interest to your life and never settled for the plain-old ordinary.

They walked among us, perhaps making jokes that they were the alien in the family, friend group, or world as a whole. When you lay your best and strangest friend to rest, a UFO urn is a nostalgic way to remember just how wonderfully unique they truly were.

There is more to be discovered beyond earth's atmosphere, and some people live that truth every day of their lives. Whether your loved one was passionate about well-written science fiction or believed in sentient life outside of our sole evolutionary chain, a UFO urn can be the best way to remember this special person for the interest, science, and enthusiasm they brought to your life. Explore our UFO urn selection in full and personal sizes for your loved one who is now beyond our stars.