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Truck Urns

Tough and courageous, adventurous and strong, these are the characteristics of trucks, and often the characteristics of the drivers as well! When it's time to get some work done, everyone turns to a pickup truck. And when it's time for some off-road fun, they turn to the truck again. Why not? It's a pick up truck!

Tailgate parties, camping trips, and simply cruising the roads. For some, it's a family tradition, for others, it's just their own personal style. For many, it's a symbol of American freedom.

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Where Did Trucks Begin?

Way back in 1896, a German engineer named Gottlieb Daimler was involved in designing combustion engines. He and a friend built a pickup truck that was advertised as a horseless wagon. Over the next few decades, others began marketing various trucks; few in number, and not standardized.

In 1925, the world of trucks took a giant leap forward as the Ford Model T began rolling off of the assembly lines in Highland Park, Michigan. Henry Ford had changed the process of manufacturing forever. Thanks to mass production, the price of automobiles came down significantly, making pickup trucks more easily attainable for the common people, and the rest is history!

In America, the concept of the truck was mainly popular among farmers and other workers at first, but by the 1950's, individuals and families were beginning to purchase trucks for other reasons. Recreation and style began to influence the auto industry as more and more drivers fell in love with the features of pickup trucks.

The truck truly is associated with the all-American spirit, the heart of the rugged pioneers, big tires, mud, sweat, and tears. The modern rancher uses them to pull horse and cattle trailers, the contractor uses them for construction or landscaping work, the farmer uses them to haul produce to the local artisan market, and everyone uses them for a fun ride.

Many Makes and Models

As the popularity and practicality of the truck became obvious, many companies jumped on board and began designing their own version of the truck. Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Toyota were some of the earliest manufacturers.

Today, the modern truck has come a long ways from the early Model T. Gone are the wooden-spoked wheels, replaced with sturdy rubber and steel. Climate controlled cabs, heated seats, along with other amenities such as backup cameras and navigation devices makes today's trucks true luxury vehicles!  

While almost every automobile company has created one or more truck models, there are still a few names that ring out the loudest in the world of American truck drivers; the Ford F-150, the Chevy Silverado, and the Dodge Ram. These have stood the test of time, and they have become the symbol of the freedom and privilege we have to work hard and live the American dream.

Remembering a Truck Lover

If your loved one was known for their passion for big pickup trucks, you may be interested in one of our truck themed cremation urns. These custom engraved urns are a great way to remember the good times in life, the adventures and the fun. Check out our variety of available colors; maybe find the color of your loved ones favorite truck. 

We know that losses are very difficult to face, but memories carry us through as we let the passions and dreams live on in our hearts. This life is short, but we all have those people in our lives who had lived it to the full, and they remind us to do the same every day. This is one of the best legacies that can be left to the world.