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Train Urns

Memorialize Your Loved One with a Powerful Train Urn

Though most rail transportation these days is related to shipping, that doesn't mean people no longer ride the rails. Whether those passengers are traveling across the country or just across town on elevated rails or subway cars, there's little doubt that the global rail industry is still going strong.

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While trains still hold practical value, there are those for whom trains also hold a touch of whimsy. Engraving a memorial with train artwork is a great way to honor a loved one for whom trains were important, either literally or symbolically.

Historical Importance

Trains have a rich history of enabling the world to grow.  Before their invention, travel and commerce moved at a slow pace. 

With the advent of trains, everything accelerated. 

Trains served as the most important mode of transportation during a period of time called "The Golden Age" of railroads, which lasted from the 1880s until the 1920s. (Iowa State University

Particularly over the last two hundred years or so, the world would not have developed in the same way without trains, as railroads connected cities and coasts while building fortunes and creating a huge freight industry. If you know where to look, the proof of this is self-evident. 

If your loved one was a history buff who adored highlighting this important aspect of our recent national history, a powerful train urn could be the right choice as their memorial. 

Ongoing Industry

Even today, more freight by tonnage is moved by rail more than any other method. This is even true in the States, where the rail system serves as the "largest, safest, and most cost-efficient freight system in the world. "

  • 600+ rail lines
  • Nearly 140,000 route miles
  • 167,000+ jobs across the country

For those who carried on long careers in the rail industry or oversaw large-scale freight management, a powerful train urn could be a great way to honor that part of their legacy. 

Popular Hobbies

While some people built careers around the railway, others centered their hobbies there. 

Railfans, train buffs, and train spotters join model train enthusiasts as some of the most ardent hobbyists related to the railway world. Whether they collect artifacts, travel to important historical sites, plan vacations around train trips, or even run their own small rail lines, these folks know what they love, and they love sharing what they know with the rest of us.

If your loved one enjoyed a popular train-related hobby, our powerful train urns allow you to memorialize that part of their lives. 

Staying on Track

There's little question that in storytelling and the world of metaphor, the straight lines of a railway symbolize staying on track. Because trains cannot operate if they do not stay on the rails, going "off the rails" has become a popular idiom signifying disruption, chaos, and disorder. 

Perhaps your loved one was known for getting their own life back on track after a major disruption. Perhaps they acted as a mentor or counselor who helped others keep their lives on track.

Whatever the case, our powerful train urns can represent that aspect of their personalities. Choosing this urn as their memorial will honor them for that unique part of their story.  

Paying Our Respects

When we lose a friend, family member, or loved one, a good way to show our respect is to memorialize them with symbols of what mattered most or what represented a major component of their lives. Whether because of their love of trains or because of what trains symbolize, a memorial train urn could be a wonderful way to honor them as we lay them to rest.