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Tractor Urns

Tractors have long been part of Americana, as agriculture grew the roots of our country. And while newer, technologically-advanced tractors are a symbol of progress, classic tractors remain a symbol of days gone by, a throwback to a time when hard work and dedication resulted in a self-determined, self-sufficient life.

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Celebrate Your Loved Ones with a Personalized Tractor Memorial Urn

While the first tractors emerged in the early 19th century, by the 1920's, one of the biggest (and well-known) names in the manufacturing industry, John Deere, revolutionized the industry when the company migrated from the steel plow in 1837 and combine in 1927 into the first General Purpose Tractor in 1928. While many farmers were skeptical of his newer design, Deere's introduction of rubber wheels, lights and stronger horsepower in 1939 would evolve into comfort and protection for farmers from noise, debris and the elements. 

As technology advanced, so did the farming machines, creating a line of tractors that helped farmers and their families from feeding livestock to tilling the land, allowing them to work on their farms in a more efficient and effective way. 

From Horses to Tractors

Tractors not only changedthe way farmers were able to use their land, they also expanded the kind of crops that could be grown. Since they no longer had to cordon off a section of their field to grow feed for their horses and mules, they could use that space to devote to more lucrative cash crops. Tractors let the modern day farmer work bigger fields and significantly cut down the time to plow the ground or harvest their crops. 

These machines are the foundation of the modern farm, and farming families use them for a variety of tasks, from hauling and harvesting to seeding and spraying. The advent of the tractor as an essential farm tool has changed the ways farms look and operate, and it allowed farmers and their families a new way to grow in their communities, as they began to market their crops outside of their self-sufficient farm life. 

The family dynamic evolved with these changes, creating room for innovation and creativity in their work life and more down time for their personal lives. 

Farmers & Family

Good men and women worked hard as farmers in this country, leaving a strong legacy of family and family values in their wake. They survived the weather and the government, tragedy and prosperity, and left the earth they sowed and harvested better than they found it. Farmers were natural leaders, building their communities, sometimes literally with their own two hands. And they understood the ideals of community, that by helping others, they helped themselves grow their own connections and businesses. By lending a hand when a tractor broke, or a younger farmer needed solid advice about which tractor to buy, these amazing people left behind an indelible mark on their family, neighbors and friends. 

And in their passing from this life to the next, whether they left behind land (or their fleet of tractors) for the generations that followed, or simply life lessons about the fruits of hard work and ingenuity in an ever-changing environment, they also instilled a solid respect for not only the animals they cared for, but also their fellow human beings. These wonderful people worked hard and built a foundation of lifelong success for those family members who survived them. 

If this describes your loved one who passed, your family can honor their legacy with one of our etched tractor urns, as a symbol of the hard work and dedication they possessed in life and shared with everyone they touched.