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Star of David Urns

A widely recognized Jewish symbol, the Star of David is an important way to memorialize a lost family member or loved one.  A religion with a rich history and more than its share of tragedy, Judaism is an important factor in many people's lives.  Any Jewish person, either by religion or by heritage, may appreciate a meaningful Star of David cremation urn.

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An Enduring Symbol

Named after Ancient Israel's King David, the Star of David has proven an enduring symbol of the Jewish people. Formed from a set of interlocking equilateral triangles, this symbol has been used for centuries. Appearing as early as the 11th and 12th centuries, its popularity grew slowly over the years. 

The Jewish community of Prague was the first to use the Star of David as its official symbol, and from the 17th century on the six-pointed star became the official seal of many Jewish communities and a general sign of Judaism, though it has no biblical or Talmudic authority. (Britannica)

By the 19th century, the symbol had been almost universally adopted by the entire global Jewish community. A meaningful Star of David cremation urn can help represent your loved one as a member of that community. 

A Rich History

The Star of David is named after King David, and with good reason. According to legend, the "Magen David" (or "Shield of David") was shaped like a six-pointed star. Though there currently exists no archaeological evidence to back this up, this is a strong oral tradition that has now been cemented in the enduring popularity of the Star of David. 

The interlocking triangles that make up the star were not chosen at random. This is a common symbol that appears throughout the history of the Ancient Near East (ANE). The points of the triangles seem to "point to both heaven and earth, God and mankind and all the corners of the universe." 

During the 19th century, the Star of David became associated with Zionism, and in the 20th century, during the terrible time of the Holocaust, when millions of Jewish people were killed, the Star of David was used by the Nazis to identify Jews. In Nazi-occupied Europe, Jewish people were forced to wear the "Jewish Badge," yellow patches shaped like the Star of David emblazoned with the word Jude ("Jew").

Though the association to the Holocaust brings with it painful memories, the Star of David continues to be used to positive effect today, when you will see it decorating the outside of synagogues, commemorated in jewelry, honored in artwork across the world, and featured as a centerpiece in the flag of the modern nation of Israel.   

What the Nazis once used to shame the community is now worn as a badge of honor. A meaningful Star of David Cremation Urn is one way to help someone continue to honor their Jewish roots after they have died. 

A Significant Memorial

Though the Nazi party attempted to make the Star of David into something shameful, the Jewish community has held onto the symbol as an enduring memorial and embrace to their people and all they have experienced over generations. 

Choosing a meaningful Star of David Cremation Urn is one way you can join in the same tradition. 

Channeling Our Grief into Remembrance

When we lose a friend, family member, or loved one, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best way to remember them. If your loved one was a member of the Jewish community, either by birth or by faith, a meaningful Star of David cremation urn can be a good way to honor them, who they were, and what was most important in their lives.