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Snowboard & Skiing Urns

Every winter, thousands of folks hit the snowy slopes on skis and snowboards doing what they love, spending time together in the outdoors even during the coldest times of the year. If your loved one was an avid adventurer on skis or a snowboard, you may want to consider having some skiing and snowboarding artwork engraved on their cremation urn in honor of their legacy.

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A Brief History of Skiing

Skis of various kinds have been used by man around the world for thousands of years, as indicated by cave drawings and other ancient sketches. The Chinese may have been some of the first to glide through the snow on skis, but most people credit the history of this particular mode of transportation to the Scandinavians.

As with many sports, it did not originate as a leisure activity, but one of practicality and survival. Modern-style downhill skiing was actually developed by the Norwegian army as soldiers competed with each other, shooting at targets as they maneuvered through trees and around mountain boulders.

In the 1800's, skiing solidified itself as an accepted trendy sport, keeping its roots deep in Norwegian culture, as many of the skiing terms and techniques bear witness. Today, ski lifts and mountain lodges make skiing a delightful opportunity for a classy winter vacation or way of life.  

A Brief History of Snowboarding

This exciting piece of sport equipment was invented much more recently than its cousins the skis. Snowboarding introduced itself in 1965, when a man from Michigan named Sherman Poppen designed a type of snowboard by connecting two skis together and providing a thin rope at the front to steer. This model called "The Snurfer" was a hit, and he sold nearly a million in the next 5 years!

In 1972, snowboarding took another leap forward when Dimitrije Milovich started an official snowboard manufacturing company called Winterstick. These snowboards closely resembled our modern models, with laminated fiberglass and straps to secure the feet to the board.

During the 1980's, snowboarders held a reputation for being punks with bad manners, to the point of snowboarding being banned in the majority of North American ski resorts. By the time the 1990's rolled around, it had gained so much popularity that resorts opened their doors once more. 

With the introduction of the snowboard halfpipe course and all the skills and stunts it set the stage for, the world was sold, and in 1998, snowboarding joined the Olympics.

The Old and the New

Even though the history of skiing goes back much further than that of snowboarding, the two have gained respect for each other; and as the years go on, skiing has benefited from new technology, designs, and techniques found in snowboarding, just as snowboarding has benefited from the sport of skiing.

Both sports have branched out to include many styles under the titles of skiing and snowboarding, such as freestyle, cross country, extreme, boardercross, etc. Each have their unique features and required skills to master them. Some are more calm and relaxing, while others are more for the thrill seekers.

Skiing and Snowboarding Cremation Urns

These two winter sports are for both the young and the young at heart; the brave and adventurous who love the freedom of the outdoors, and the thrill of speed and skill. If your loved one was among the many who excel on the slopes and halfpipe, you may like to know that we provide custom cremation urns with ski and snowboard themed engravings. There's not a better way to memorialize their life than by displaying artwork of their favorite sport, and all the memories it brings.