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Skateboard Urns

Adventure, freedom, late nights, good friends...all of these things are closely associated with the history of skateboards. If your dearly departed loved one was passionate about a good skateboard and enjoyed a night of freedom on those four tiny wheels, a skateboard cremation urn is just the thing to memorialize them and hold their remains. That way, you can always keep them close to the board they loved so much and that brought them so much delight while they were living.

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Freedom On a Board

Since their inception as roller-skate wheels attached to wooden boxes in the 1940s, skateboards have been a powerful piece of culture in American history. For decades, skateboarding has represented freedom, community, and connection for thousands of riders. So many skateboarders have found a sense of belonging and family with others like them who enjoy the same sport.

Much like other methods of transportation for their riders and drivers, skateboards provide freedom to their riders. Skateboarding as an activity is not a team sport, which allows skateboarders to ride freely, to perform whatever tricks they prefer, and to explore the world by themselves with the help of a simple board on wheels. 

There's nothing like that feeling of the wind in your hair as you smoothly ride your board along the sidewalks or roadways towards a destination--even if that destination is nothing more than a space where you can move freely without any inhibitions.

A Sense of Community

Skateboarders may cherish their freedom, but that's not to say that they don't also love their community. Just like any hobby, skateboarding provides a space where people can come together for connection. They can enjoy discussing the ins and outs of the skateboarding craft, teach each other new tricks, and relish the freedom they have from any restraint while they're riding.

Skateboarders represent many cultures and backgrounds. Most often, they are people who started out riding a board when just children, searching for a way of getting from here to there without having to rely on anyone else to take them. Many of them found a community with the help of a skateboard that they couldn't find anywhere else.

A Life of Exploration

Perhaps your loved one was a passionate rider. Maybe they spent hours a day out on their skateboard, practicing tricks, riding for new places, or exploring new ideas. Or maybe they were more casual riders who used the skateboard to take them places in a search for freedom, exercise, and good fresh air.

No matter how often your loved one used their skateboard or for what purpose they tended to ride it, you know that they loved the board and cherished the moments of freedom they found when upon it. There's no better way to memorialize your loved one than by laying their remains to rest in a skateboard cremation urn.

As you place their skateboard in storage or hand it off to a new owner, you will grieve anew at the loss of your beloved family member or friend. But as you mourn, you can take ahold of your loved one's skateboard urn and remember fondly their days on the wheels. As you close your eyes and reflect on all the adventures they experienced while on that board, you can know they are happy to see that you remember them by something they loved so much.

If your loved one found delight in the freedom and community that a skateboard can provide, and you want to remember that about them for eternity, lay their remains to rest in a skateboard urn. Then, maybe try out a skateboard yourself and enjoy the freedom it brings as you wait for the day when you'll see them again on the other side.