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Pheasant Urns

Pheasant hunting is a favorite pastime for many. Spending long hours outside with your dogs and dearest friends is a joy to any hunter, especially to those dedicated to covering all the ground needed to bring pheasants home. Celebrating the life of your loved one by purchasing a pheasant hunting cremation urn will help you remember them doing what they loved most. 

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The Thrill of the Hunt

A passionate hunter can spend hours outside searching for pheasants or other animals to bring home. There's nothing quite like the thrill that comes from stalking through the wilderness, as quiet as you can be, scanning for pheasants where you know they will be obliviously waiting. It's a nearly magical experience to see your prey fly into the air and bring them with a single shot.  Or maybe two, or three.  Who was counting?

The thrill of the hunt isn't just about killing birds. It's about learning how to master yourself and how to put purpose into every movement. You'll never succeed if you run into the hunt haphazardly, but there's a powerful thrill in controlling your movements and focusing on finding your prey when they least expect you. 

The Scenery

For some people, there's nothing better than enjoying the outdoors. Hunting pheasants often takes hunters into great fields of tall grasses or grand open woodlands to find the birds enjoying their natural habitats. Hunters can not only enjoy the process of searching through the grass and trees for their birds, but can also relish the scenery surrounding them.

Hunting pheasants is an activity based around freedom. Hunters love to explore the world around them and walk in peaceful nature, taking in the quiet and rest that only wild animals seem to have mastered. For an avid hunter, exploring the world around them is as much a part of the adventure as catching their prey.

The Camaraderie

Pheasant hunting is the perfect activity for a group of dedicated friends to enjoy together. Men and women from around the world love to get together for the fun of seeking out their prey in beautiful country areas. There's nothing so fun for many pheasant hunters as bonding with comrades who enjoy the same practices as they do.

If you ever went hunting with your loved one, you certainly enjoyed fellowshipping together. You probably also cherished the moments of silence as you searched for your prey and watched your bird dogs at work. 

The Training

An avid pheasant hunter must train their bird dog well before they can go out to hunt. There's nothing quite like seeing your dog do what they were created to do--help you catch pheasants. Any pheasant hunter will delight in sending their bird dog to find their prey and watching them perform their duty with the skill and mastery only dogs can provide. 

Remember Your Loved One with a Pheasant Hunting Urn

Pheasant hunting is a magical experience. Your loved one was passionate about their craft. They loved getting outdoors with their nearest and dearest friends and their highly-trained dogs to search for unsuspecting prey. Their delight was in fellowshipping in beautiful nature with their friends and their dogs while waiting for the perfect moment to shoot.

If you remember fondly how your loved one cherished the hunt, there's no better way to celebrate their passion than by keeping their remains in a pheasant hunting cremation urn. When you go pheasant hunting yourself, or simply sit by the fire and remember how you used to wait for them to return from a hunting trip and bring you a bird or two, you can keep your loved one close in their pheasant hunting urn.

Don't hesitate to take a quiet moment, reveling in the memories of the loved one who was so passionate about pheasant hunting. Take time to cherish those memories as the years go by; never forget the joy and passion they felt for the hunt when you keep them near your side in a pheasant hunting urn.