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Peace Urns

Memorialize Your Loved One with a Calming Peace Symbol Urn

Down through history, different cultures and civilizations have curated symbols to represent peace and harmony. Doves, olive branches, palm fronds, bells, cranes, and fingers held up in the shape of a "v" are among some of the most recognized images promoting love and peace. Perhaps none of these images is more universally acknowledged than the one literally named the Peace Symbol.

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Our calming peace symbol urns are a good choice for memorializing loved ones who dedicated their lives to promoting peace and goodwill.

A Sign of Disarmament

Though many people today have put their own spin on the peace symbol, the original creator Gerald Holtom, who was a member of a British organization demanding global nuclear disarmament, has explained the inspiration behind the symbol. 

At its core, it's a human image.

Gerald Holtom once declared that the symbol was a graphic synthesis of himself, with his arms stretched out and down, in an attitude of despair, just like the character standing before the firing squad in the May 3 shootings, by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes. To top it off, he circled the schematic figure. (Degrees Symbol)

Now, the iconic circle encompassing three lines is well-known for representing peace and harmony.

The calming peace symbol urn could be just the thing to help friends and family members focus their grief during a time of loss.  

Global Influence

Though many countries and cultures have generated symbols of peace from within their own contexts, the peace symbol is nevertheless one of the most universally recognized symbols for peace in the entire world. 

Perhaps your loved one was someone who looked beyond their own experience and embraced concerns around the world. If so, a calming peace symbol urn could be a good way to honor them after they've passed on.

Sign of the Times

Though the peace symbol has its origins back in the twentieth century, it's now considered the official peace sign of today's society. Far from being an obscure symbol that only a small, select group would recognize, the peace symbol is a sign of our times, more or less universally acknowledged. 

Because the peace symbol has never been copyrighted or trademarked, it can be used freely by anyone.

  • Activists
  • Human rights organizers
  • Proponents of peace

Another group who can find solace with the modern peace symbol is any group grieving the loss of a loved one. A calming peace symbol urn can help them memorialize their loved ones in a way that honors them beyond any shadow of a doubt. 

Love and Peace

Around the world, women and men are working together to build more inclusive societies. They are protesting injustice, lobbying for fair and equal treatment, and marching in the name of peace.

Wherever those people gather, you will see the peace symbol, a universal sign of love and peace.

If these issues mattered to your loved one, perhaps a calming peace symbol urn would be a good way to help you remember them while allowing their final resting place to continue promoting the values they held dear. 

Remembering Our Loved Ones

When someone close to us passes away, our hope is to commemorate their life and legacy. In everything we do, we want to honor them for the way they spent their lives. We also want to ensure that their final resting place does justice to their legacy and adequately represents who they were as a person.

With a custom cremation urn, you can do exactly that. 

Our calming peace symbol urns allow your loved one to continue spreading peace, love, and harmony even after they are gone.