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Mechanic Urns

Being a mechanic is a way of life. Being able to diagnose problems, feel your way towards a resolution and get your hands dirty to make sure it is fixed right are all qualities that are signs of a great mechanic.  Engraved wrenches are a way to permanently memorialize this life long passion.

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Good mechanics come from all different walks of life. Whether they specialize in cars of specific makes and models, bikes, airplanes, or tractors and heavy machinery, these hard-working folks were often the first ones awake every morning and the last ones out of the shop every evening. Though some loved to operate big, loud, and greasy; others keep clean, tidy, and hyper-focused on results. Either way, all mechanics share an enthusiasm for machines and their inner workings. Beloved by those they serve and valuable to all of us for their insatiable curiosity and confidence in problem-solving, mechanics deserve a memorial that pays homage to who they really were in life.

Hard Workers

Some types of work can be done at any time. If you're writing a novel, planting flowers, or painting a house, while there may be deadlines and expected completion dates involved, the world won't fall apart if you don't finish the work on time. 

It's different for mechanics. Without them, the world simply wouldn't run smoothly. Because we rely on them to keep our engines running, they rarely take time off. They're some of the hardest workers we know. Memorializing your loved one in a hardy mechanic urn is a great way to commemorate that.

Excellent Communicators

Though mechanics span the spectrum of personality types, they all develop excellent communication skills. Whether they're working to draw clues from a confused car owner and trying to diagnose the cause, or they're caught up explaining the details of what the problem is, why it may have happened, and how they're going to fix it, mechanics are generally some of the best communicators in the room. 

People just tend to overlook their communication skills because they're wrapped in a jumpsuit and covered by a thin layer of grease. Though you won't catch mechanics in three-piece suits giving presentations in a well-lit, air-conditioned boardroom, they are some of the best communicators out there.   


For car mechanics, extensive knowledge of different makes and models is an absolute must.

But that's not all. 

Mechanics must also retain a working knowledge of 

  • How to operate vehicles and equipment
  • How to maintain equipment and tools
  • How to use computers and electronics 
  • How to process information by categorizing, comparing, or detecting changes in circumstances or events
  • How to make decisions and solve problems

Because of their extensive knowledge base, good mechanics are some of the smartest and most skilled people we know. 

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learners take advantage of both formal and informal opportunities to keep learning during the course of their entire lives.

With advances in technology, it's never been easier for curious individuals to learn whatever they want whenever they want. You no longer have to wait five months for a conference or a whole year for a book release. You can learn something new right now online, often for free. (The Art of Education)

That is exactly what mechanics do. Because automotive and related technologies are constantly innovating, the mechanics in our lives are working hard to keep ahead of the curve. They're to be honored and respected for their lifelong commitment to the craft. 

Grief and Remembrance

When someone close to us passes, we sometimes grapple with knowing how best to commemorate their life and legacy. We want to honor them for the way they lived their lives while also allowing their final resting place to act as a memorial for those of us left behind.

With our custom cremation urns here at Green Meadow, we provide a way for you to do exactly that. Our unique memorial urns, including our hardy mechanic urns, are the perfect way to honor the passionate interests of your loved one.