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Lawn Mower Urns

The lawnmower has become a tool synonymous with a deep and abiding family life, and thus the perfect way to remember a loved one. The deep rumbling noise of a lawnmower brings a measure of peace to evenings and mornings out on the lawn. A lawnmower is a tool that many people associate with quiet summer evenings, time with family and friends, or the personality of a loved one dedicated to excellent lawn care.

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A Symbol of Status and Security

For centuries, lawns have been the perfect places for family and friends to gather after long days to enjoy life together in quiet, peaceful moments. From the huge, garden-filled lawns of kings and queens to the small patches of grass outside of thatch huts in dusty downtown areas, lawns have always and everywhere been a part of a happy home.  Lawn mowers started humbly and have graduated to truly impressive pieces of machinery.

In present times in the United States, many see the lawn as a symbol of status. This patch of lush green grass represents a suburban family that "has it all together." But to most who own and care for lawns, that patch of grass, shrubs, and flowers is about so much more than status, wealth, or security. 

A Retreat from Daily Life

Those who truly enjoy taking care of a lawn know that it's about much more than preserving their family image. A lawn is, for so many of us, a retreat from the busyness of life. When we come home after a long day, tired out from engaging with people at the office or making tough business deals, we want a place of beauty, quiet, and rest. 

The lawn is a place where we can go, whether we want to simply relax in the grass or spend time engaged in the productive and deeply satisfying work of pulling weeds or mowing the lawn. For so many of us, lawns aren't a source of more work, but rather a place to enjoy a hobby and engage in a meaningful pastime that takes our minds off the daily grind. 

Remembering Your Loved One with a Lawn Mower Cremation Urn

Was your dearly departed loved one the sort of person who loved to care for the lawn? Did they spend hours outside, mowing the grass, pulling the weeds, and planting the flowers to make everything look just right? Were they passionate about keeping the grass short and lush so that they could bring family and friends outside to relax on a warm summer evening?

If so, a lawn mower cremation urn is just what you need to hold on to the memory of your loved one. Every time you see the urn, you can remember their passion for caring for their lawn. You know, of course, that for them, it wasn't just about the patch of grass itself, but rather about what it represented.

It was about designing a space for people to come together and enjoy life. It was about performing meaningful work with their hands and creating something beautiful, something that would last a lifetime and beyond. 

Now, in the moments when you miss your loved one's voice or touch, you can go out into the lawn and sit in the quiet. Perhaps you'll hear a lawnmower in the distance and close your eyes to remember when your beloved was the one running that machine over the grass where you now sit.

In those still and peaceful moments, cherish your loved one by placing their remains in a lawnmower urn to connect them forever with their passion for lawn care. Remember how much it meant to them to work hard on creating something beautiful for you and your family to enjoy. Cherish the moments of peace that they made possible by giving their lawn so much care.