Infinity Paw Print Pet Cremation Urn - Signature Alder



Infinity Paw Print Pet Cremation Urn - Signature Alder
Infinity Paw Print Pet Cremation Urn - Signature Walnut

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  • SKU: GM21029
  • Stock available: 10+
  • Color: Alder
  • Origin: United States
  • Material: Wood
  • Wood Type: Alder - Solid
  • Dimensions: 9.5" Wide x 7.25" Deep x 7.5" High
  • Size: Extra Large Pet (250 cubic inches)
  • Free Shipping - No Minimum - Limited Time

Show your lasting love for your pet with this Infinite Paw Print Cremation Urn constructed from solid alder.  Detailed artwork with two paw prints, an infinity symbol and "love" intertwined show how you will always feel about your departed pup.

Our Signature Alder Urns are custom made by US Air Force Veterans and are exclusively sold by Green Meadow Memorials.  Artwork and text engravings stand out beautifully against the solid alder's fine detailing in the grain of the wood.  Names, dates, verses, and poem may be engraved on the front and back of our products.

Your pets ashes can be transferred ease by removing the four screws from the base.  Felt feet protect display surfaces from damage.  Our heart paws dog cremation urn can be beautifully showcased in any home.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do I fill this? Remove the bottom?
Answer: Carefully lay the urn on it's top. Set into the base you will see four screws. Carefully remove each screw. The base of the urn can then be picked up and carefully set aside. Place the remains and optional mementos inside the urn. Carefully replace the base on the urn and then reinsert the screws. Tighten them until they are tight but there is no need to overtighten them.
By Green Meadow MemorialsGreen Meadow Memorials

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