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Golf Urns

Is golf the greatest game ever?  A golfer believes this with their entire soul, and to them it is more than a hobby.  It is a true passion.  Display their love for the sport on any of our urns, and completely personalize their memorial with names, dates, and poems.

Our urns feature large custom engraving areas and come in a variety of colors and materials.  The golf urn that you are searching for can be found right here.

Golf Urns

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Golf Urns are Beautiful Way to Memorialize a Loved One

Talented, confident, and competitive. The avid golfers in your life likely share these common traits. As lovers of the "Greatest Game," they deserve to be memorialized in a way that honors their life-long passion. One way to do just that is by choosing one of our exceptional golf urns as their final resting place.  

Keeping Balanced

In order to address the ball squarely, golfers must maintain proper balance. They check their balance by placing an alignment stick on the ground and standing on it while they swing. The movement of the stick highlights and heel/toe inconsistencies and shows them where they need to adjust their stance in order to stay steady. 

In golf and in life, it's important that we keep balanced. Both over attentiveness and inattention can be equally damaging. Often, however, grief throws our entire world out of balance. By choosing to commemorate your loved one with an exceptional golf urn, you'll not only be honoring an area of life that they enjoyed; but you'll also be reminding yourself that equilibrium can and will return. 

An Away Player

In golf, an "away player" is the player whose ball is furthest from the hole. 

The nature rule of golf where the player farthest from the hole is the first to play, as in "Who's away?" In certain circumstances on the putting green, however, particularly in medal competition, a player who has already putted once may hole out before her partner, who may be further from the hole, takes her shot. (Wenham)

"Who's away," indeed.

Asking who is away during a casual golf game is an entirely different matter from contemplating a lost friend or family member who has now become an "away player" of an entirely different sort. An exceptional golf urn is a powerful symbol and a strong remembrance of your beloved "away player." 

Emotional Control

In golf as in most other sports, the "head game" is just as important as what happens on the field. Or, in the case of golf, what happens on the green. 

Exceptional golfers understand that their mental approach to hitting the ball is as important as any other skill set within the game. They never get too low after bad shots, and they never get too high after a great one. The best golfers stay in the moment, which is easier said than done. The key is to be in the mental state to best analyze and execute the next shot. (Hacienda Golf Club)

If your loved one enjoyed golf, you're likely already aware of this dynamic. Keeping a firm grip on the emotions was often the difference between a missed shot and an entirely ruined game. 

Part of the grieving process, of course, involves letting go of emotional control for a time. We experience shock, denial, and pain. We grow angry and depressed. We mourn and cry out. Eventually, though, the cycle eases. Through the dark stages of grief, one of our exceptional golf urns can stand as a reminder that though there are times to give our emotions free rein, they won't necessarily control us forever.

Grief and Remembrance

Losing a friend, family member, or loved one is a profound disruption. As you settle into this new reality and process the heaviness of these emotions, sometimes it feels impossible that you will ever see light at the end of the tunnel. That you will ever again enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh air or the warmth of sunshine on your skin.

Choosing to memorialize your loved one in an exceptional golf urn can remind you of some of the best things in life, still here for our enjoyment. Of green grass, blue skies, and brighter days ahead.