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Deer Urns

Valued by hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature-lovers alike, the deer has become a symbol of resilience, beauty, and an overwhelming love of the great outdoors. A majestic Deer Cremation Urn could be the perfect way to memorialize your hunting enthusiast or nature-loving loved one. 

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Beauty and Grace

Native to all continence save Australia and Antarctica, deer are prevalent around the world, and everywhere you go, they are loved for their beauty and grace. 

Children and adults alike love to watch them run, play, and jump. Their unique movements have made them objects of curiosity and love. 

[Deer depart] in rapid jumps to hide again requires forests and thickets, while a highly specialized runner needs flat, unobstructed terrain to outrun predators. Specialized jumpers may choose to stay close to steep slopes and rugged terrain and thus avoid areas frequented by species that run and jump, while cliff climbers may exploit gradients and altitudes closed to others. (Britannica)

As they leap and bound, whether across meadows or through the craggy mountain peaks, deer capture our hearts with their beauty and grace. 

Deer Hunting: An American Pastime 

Deer aren't just prized for their beauty and grace. They're also valued for more practical reasons. When hunted, deer have historically provided nourishment (meat) and clothing (pelts) for humankind. 

Whether hunting for necessity or for sport, men and women down through generations have turned to deer hunting. Even today, over 8 million people hunt deer annually! If your loved one was part of that number, the majestic Deer Cremation Urn could be just the right choice.

An Escape to the Woods

For many who hunt in the great outdoors (deer or otherwise), it's not so much about coming home with a successful kill but about having a reason to escape into the woods at least once a year. With busy jobs and packed social lives, many of us don't make time to truly get away. We don't often bother to step off the back porch with a cup of coffee, intent on watching the steam slowly rise as we sip.

When we head out for a week of hunting, however, we have an excuse to shut off our smartphones, leave the laptops at home, and escape into the great unknown. We can focus on the hunt or fall asleep in a tree stand. It doesn't matter. What matters is enjoying the moment.

For many hunters, it's less about the hunt and more about the escape.

And then there's the thrill of the chase.

The Thrill of the Chase

There are different approaches to hunting deer, of course. While some hunters like to stalk their prey, following game trails and studying the terrain for telltale signs, there are others who like to find a spot with a good vantage point, park themselves for hours, and simply wait for an opportune moment.

Either way, what these hunters are really after is the thrill of the chase. Of going out intent on a purpose and focusing their energies on coming home successful.

The Sense of Loss

Even hunters will tell you that their pastime does not come without a sense of loss. When they're able to get a deer, even amid their excitement, they will acknowledge the sense of loss that comes with the loss of animal life.

It's similar to, though not nearly as great, as the loss we experience when we must say goodbye to a friend, family member, or loved one.

When that time does come, choosing an urn that represents them well can go a long way toward helping you grieve, mourn, and heal from your loss. For you, the majestic Deer Cremation Urn could be just the right way to memorialize your loved one.