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Cancer Ribbon Urns

Far too many lives have been touched by cancer. In one recent year, nearly 2 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States alone, with approximately 600,000 people dying of the disease. These statistics are heartbreaking, especially when you consider that each diagnosis affects not just those who fight cancer, but the lives of their friends, family members, and loved ones as well. 

In an effort both to ease your grief and memorialize your loved one in a way that honors their fight, consider a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cremation Urn as their final resting place. 

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Cancer Caregivers Share the Load

Anyone who's loved someone fighting cancer will tell you that cancer caregivers help share the load. In fact, caregivers often neglect their own physical, mental, and emotional health, particularly in their loved one's final days battling the disease.

You do many things to help take care of your loved one with cancer. Stress from these demands can cause health problems, including sleep problems and appetite changes. (CDC)

Our Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cremation Urns don't just memorialize those who have lost their lives to cancer. They also represent the survivors, as well as the friends and family members who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of overcoming cancer. 

Showing Support

Support is a vital component for those battling cancer. When people show up to comfort them, let them process what they're feeling, drive them to and from appointments, and take care of practical tasks such as cleaning the house, picking up prescriptions, or cooking meals, those who are battling cancer have a stronger foundation from which to fight their disease. 

After we lose a loved one to cancer, we may not know what to do with all of those energies. Rather than feeling at a loss, you can continue to show that your support continues into the next life with a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cremation Urn.

Food for the Soul

Food is a big part of the cancer support system. It's also a major factor in the grief process. By laying out a meal for those who attend the funeral or by dropping off prepared meals for close friends and family members who are grieving, we are able to comfort and sustain people during their time of loss.

But it's not just important to feed the body. You must also nourish the soul.

By choosing a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cremation Urn, you can allow the way in which you remember your loved one to remind you of your journey together. In short, such a memorial can feed the heart and soul. 

Coping with Loss

Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy. This is especially true when you lose a loved one to cancer. 

Many people think of grief as a single instance or as a short time of pain or sadness in response to a loss – like the tears shed at a loved one's funeral. But grieving includes the entire emotional process of coping with a loss, and it can last a long time. (

With a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cremation Urn as your loved one's memorial, you have something tangible—a visual reminder of what you and your loved ones went through together—to be with you as you endure the grieving process and learn to cope with your loss. 

Remembering Lives Touched by Cancer

In truth, losing a loved one to cancer is not something any of us anticipate. Yet, if the time comes, know that you have options that will allow you to memorialize those whose lives have been touched by cancer in a way that honors their fight.

By choosing a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cremation Urn for your loved one's memorial, you can honor their legacy for years to come.