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Autism Urns

The number of persons diagnosed with autism has skyrocketed, and so has autism awareness. As per the Center for Disease Control's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network 2018 research, around 1 in 44 children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As Autism awareness rises, it makes the Autism Puzzle artwork ever more meaningful for a memorial.

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Clinical diagnosis of autism

Before we dive into the factors leading to autism prevalence, let's quickly look at the clinical diagnosis of autism. Identifying autism is challenging since the procedure doesn't require laboratory medical assessment.

Some children are lucky to have their diagnosis at the early age of 18 months, while others discover that they are autistic during their teenage or adulthood.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that experienced doctors check out for behavioral and development symptoms in a child during early diagnosis. One symptom to look out for is a child's inability to maintain eye-to-eye contact. They'll also show little or no concern for their caregivers or other children.

Autistic children also experience difficulties communicating and won't respond well to slight changes in patterns.

As a child grows, it becomes difficult to diagnose ASD. Adolescents with autism have problems relating to their peers. They suffer from an anxiety disorder and may have difficulties learning school culture and patterns. We recommend early DAS to enable caregivers, parents, teachers, and guardians to support the child for peak performance.

Why is Autism Spectrum Disorder on the rise?

Researchers seek answers to why the frequency of autism spectrum disorder is fast rising. Some experts suggest that the surge in ASD is due to genetics and environmental factors like exposure to contaminants during pregnancy. Other scientists believe that improved ways of detecting ASD have increased.

One reason autism is increasing is the diagnosis of lesser types of ASD. Another reason why ASD is on the rise is a modification in the definition of autism. At first, only children with problems with communication were diagnosed with the condition. The 2013 DSMMD update included even children with speech issues in the diagnosis procedure.

The DSMMD update allowed for the diagnosis of even milder cases of ASD. Schoolchildren with social problems and academic difficulties, for example, are now classified as having ASD.

Another explanation for the rise in ASD has increased ASD awareness. We live in a digital age, where all of the information we need is available on the internet. Mothers constantly seek knowledge about their children these days, and they acquire most of it from the internet.

Young mothers, especially first-time mothers, are paranoid and constantly monitor their children for changes. Some mothers can detect autistic symptoms in their babies as early as six months.

Autism awareness and why it's important

Researchers believe that autism awareness contributes to the massive increase in ASD. The United Nations General Assembly emphasized the importance of supporting persons with autism in promoting wellness to live healthy and fulfilling lives. It recognized April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day.

Society must have rich knowledge concerning autism spectrum disorder. This will streamline support provision for children, teenagers, and adults with ASD and better their lives. Autism awareness has also led to the reduction of stigmatic cases. Today's society is more accommodating and loving to persons with autism, unlike in the past.

Call to Action

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition like any other, and we must support our loved ones living with ASD. If you have lost a loved one with ASD, these memorials can provide a fitting tribute to their accomplishments in life.