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Anchor Urns

From the early days of sea travel, anchors have been lending stability and security to sailing vessels, both large and small. Attached with a chain and lowered deeply into the water--often down to the ocean floor--anchors help hold ships balanced amid storms and keep them securely tethered in one place. It's no wonder that the anchor has come to symbolize a sense of fixed security. A wonderful way to memorialize a loved on during the storm of loss is with a steady anchor urn. 

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Memorialize Your Loved One with a Steady Anchor Urn

The anchor is a beautiful symbol that is fit for your loved ones memorial and there are host of reasons why.

Religious Symbolism

From the early days of history, the anchor has taken on significant religious connotations, particularly within Christianity. From their earliest days, Christians marked their meeting places with the sign of the anchor. 

The author of the New Testament book of Hebrews uses the anchor as a symbol, a metaphor of hope and stability for the Christian in the storms of life and during the death of life. (Early Church History)

During times of grief and loss, life can feel especially turbulent. A steady anchor urn provides a reminder to hold on to hope through the storm.

Sense of Place

When a ship returns to its port of call, there's a special feeling about dropping anchor. As the anchor sinks beneath the waves, those on board experience a sense of homecoming and peace, knowing they get to stay put for a while in a familiar place.

Not all of us will be sailors, but as we all travel through life, it's important that we retain a sense of place. That we remember where we came from. Whether that be a country of origin, a state or county, or a particular family unit, retaining our sense of place can help anchor our souls and provide us with a strong center. 

A steady anchor urn can provide a wonderful way for you to memorialize your loved one while honoring the strong sense of place in which they anchored themselves. 

A Symbol of Resilience

When a ship drops its anchor, it's generally for two reasons: either it has reached its safe harbor, or it requires increased stability provided by the anchor's drag. It's no wonder, then, that the anchor has come to represent the depth of human resilience. People who have weathered deep waters of struggle and grief will often choose to wear anchor jewelry or sport and anchor tattoo. 

Through the trauma and stress of life, there are those among us who manage to stay calm and steady. They weather life's twists and turns without losing their sense of balance, and come through difficulties in a way that prompts our respect. 

If your loved one demonstrated this type of resilience, a good way to honor them is through a steady anchor urn. 

The Nautical Life

For obvious reasons, the anchor traditionally represented the sea, and an anchor marking a grave could indicate that the deceased either made their living at sea or died while sailing. While this tradition no longer holds quite as firm, nautical symbolism can still be used to commemorate those who held a special love for the sea.

  • Boaters
  • Sailors
  • Fishermen
  • Members of the Navy
  • Members of the Coast Guard

For anyone who loved the ocean or participated in nautical life, we offer the steady anchor urn as a thoughtful way to commemorate this aspect of their memory.  

Commemorating Our Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is a very painful experience. Not only are we suffering a deep loss, but we're also feeling overwhelmed by the difficult decisions in front of us. One of those decisions is how best to commemorate our loved ones. Our steady anchor urns provide a thoughtful and richly symbolic way to do just that.