Frequently Asked Product Questions

Frequently Asked Product Questions

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These are the best and most valuable questions asked from on all of our products.

Common Metal Urn Answers:

Question: My loved one weighed this many pounds, will they fit?
Research and experience have lead Green Meadow Memorials to confidently recommend our Individual sized urns to everyone, regardless of their weight.  More importantly, size considerations should be considered if your loved one was exceptionally tall or was very large of frame.  Our full answer to this question can be found here:

Additionally, we also believe that it can be very helpful to spread some of the ashes at a place of your choosing, further reducing the impact of urn size on your choices.  Our full guide to doing this legally and responsibly can be found here:
Question: Do tops screw on or press on?
All of our metal urns feature a high quality, screw on lid.  We carefully specified our thread quality to make sure that not only did the lid fit tightly and securely, it could also be removed when the opportunities arose to add mementos into the urn, share some of the ashes or to spread some of the ashes.
Question: Can this urn be engraved?
Green Meadow Memorials knows that a directly engraved urn provides the greatest satisfaction to those who purchase them.  When selecting which urns to sell we carefully tested and purchased only urns that would provide high quality, direct engraving options.  All of our metal urns can be directly engraved.
Question: Is there are matching keepsake (for this individual size urn)?
Keepsake urns play an important role in remember our loved ones.  It can provide great comfort knowing that a loved one is close, but purchasing many Individual size urns is expensive.  With that in mind, we only offer full size urns that have a matching keepsake so that everyone can see the unity of the design but also keep a loved one in their homes and hearts.
Question: Are the details done by hand or by machine?
Many of the urns feature hand details, like the flowers on our Regal Purple Cremation Urn.  These are done by skilled craftsman by hand and as such they will feature slight imperfections that show you how one of a kind your memorial is.  The engraving process for all of the text and accompanying artwork is done by a machine that directly engraves the information you entered during the personalization workflow.
Question: Is there a proof that I need to approve?
Our process is even more refined than that, when using our personalization work flow on each urn you will see and approve a picture of the urn as it will be completed. After engraving, our craftsmen compare the image to what was actually done to ensure your expectations will be met. By removing the proofing process and giving you the equivalent image upfront before checkout, our processing time and customer satisfaction is greatly improved.

Common Wood Urn Answers:

Question: How do I fill this?
Carefully lay the wooden urn on it's top. Set into the base you will see four screws. Carefully remove each screw. The base of the urn can then be picked up and carefully set aside. Place the remains and optional mementos inside the urn. Carefully replace the base on the urn and then reinsert the screws. Tighten them until they are tight but there is no need to overtighten them.